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    You have no idea the amount of time your posting pictures of castles has cost me. I started reading a bit of history on the last one you posted and recognized some names from my family tree. One thing led to another and I am still researching trying to figure out which castle may have be graced by one of my relatives at some time in the far far past. Actually it has been great fun and I am always interested in adding more info to my family tree.

    I found a great site for castles all over Ireland and scotland as well as other landmarks. It is It has other stuff too, but the Irish and Scottish stuff is the most interesting to me.


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    Sorry about that,lol.
    Seriously though the history of these Castles is amazing,but I'm sure some of it has been embellished or romantiscised over the years.
    Never actually did history at high school(only the very basics)as it was an optional subject,but looking back I wish I had as it's so interesting.So now I really enjoy looking at these old pics & reading about the history of the castles.
    Good luck with the family tree,personally I haven't looked into the geneology of my family any further than my great grandparents but maybe it's something I'll look into in the future.I only know that while my dads's family is from Scotland my mum's side can trace back to Donegal in Ireland.
    Thanks for the castle link,I'll certainly look into that.I think the nearest one to me would be Bothwell Castle in SE Glasgow.Maybe that's one I could visit in the summer.
    Best Wishes,

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