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    In your profile you say had Hodgkins disease twice but it is cured? Are you your referring to non-Hodgkins lymphoma? If so, I would love to talk about how that happened! My sister was diagnosed 3 yrs ago. This past October, she had brain surgery for epilepsy and they gave her a dose of steriods to reduce the brain swelling. Well!! 3 months later, they did an MRI or whatever to check on the growth of the cancer. They couldn't see it. They said that if they didn't know she had been diagnosed with it, they wouldn't know it by looking at the films. Amazing!

    thanks in advance!

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    Mine's was specifically Hodgkins Disease(HD).
    Have had fibro symptoms since about 1990 but coped with it until 1999 when my sypmtoms were really bad & I had to give up my job.
    In May of 1999 my glands in my neck began to swell noticeably & after an operation to biopsy the glands it was discovered it was HD.Well at the time I was told by my haematologist that it was a very curable cancer & was treated by 5 weeks of intensive radiotherapy.
    It returned again in 2004 when my liver blood results were slightly out & the docs suspected it had returned.After a scan it showed enlarged lymph glands just outside my liver area & after a further biopsy it confirmed the HD had returned.
    Well this time I had to get 16 chemo treatments(treated on a two-weekly basis).The chemo regime was ABVD which I believe is standard treatment for HD.
    There were other patients getting treated at the time I was in & out of hospital for Non-Hodgkins Disease but their chemo treatments were totally different from mine.I heard one guy saying he had been treated with a chemo regime called CHOP,but other than that I don't know too much about Non-Hodgkins Disease.
    My treatment finished in May 2005 & I currently visit my Haematologist every 3 months for check-ups & check my blood.Thankfully I've been told everything has been clear ever since & consider myself to be cured from HD.
    Really glad to hear that there was no sign of your sister's cancer & hope the good health continues.
    If you need to know any more just let me know but as I said I don't really know too much about Non-Hodgkins.
    Best wishes,Paul.
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    For your quick response. My sister is scheduled for another scan next week so it will be interesting to see if the lumps have grown.

    I am happy that you are cancer free now. That is wonderful!


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