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  1. rockgor

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    Just read a book called the Art of Ray Harryhausen who did special effects for the movies: Clash of the Titans, Golden Voyage of Sinbad, One Million Years B.C., etc.

    He also did a huge bronze of Livingstone and the Lion for the museum at Blantyre, Scotland. Perhaps you have seen it.

    Was trying to find a website w/ a picture, but my computer is acting up and won't search. Just shows a blank page w/ "Done".


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    Hi rock,to be honest when I posted my thread about the David Livingstone Centre I had to search for ages to come up with a decent picture.There is a fantastic link however which I've noted below.
    Here's a little piece from the link about Ray Harryhausen,apparently his wife Diana is David Livingstone's great-grandaughter no less:
    "It is two recent additions to the Centre that first catch your eye as you approach from the parking area. The first is a huge and complex bronze sculpture on a plinth depicting the moment at which Livingstone was attacked by a lion. This vibrant statue was designed and funded by the Oscar-winning animator Ray Harryhausen and his wife Diana, who is David Livingstone's great-granddaughter. It was erected here in April 2004. The second is an even more recent arrival, a fountain in the form of a half globe over which jets of water are projected."

    As you can see these are fairly recent additions to the Centre so I haven't seen them personally,but I should make a note to visit it this summer.Blantyre is only 15 mins & 3 train stops from my house would you believe,& the Centre is only 200 yards from Blantyre train station.

    Hoots mon.

    Edit,edit silly me,I forgot to add the link,duh.

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    forgot to mention there was also a few good photos of the DL centre on Flickr.Check the link below.

    Ditto hoots.
  4. rockgor

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    centre. Looks like a wonderful place to visit.

    Can't get to the flicker site. Will try again later.

    How come you are conscious? If it's the middle of the day here, isn't it the middle of the night there?

    In addition to my Scottish ancestors, I have 3 recordings of Lucia di Lamermoor (and another one on order). I saw Joan Sutherland sing it w/ the Met in the 60s. Gordon always refers to her as "Old Horse Face", but it's in an affection tone.

    I also have a couple recordings of MacBetto by Verdi. Lady M. has the best music in the opera.


  5. paulmack

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    At the next stroke the time in sunny Glasgow will be 22.30.We appear to be 8 hours ahead of the times on this board,so I will be heading to make zzzzzz's (well trying to get a sleep) in the next hour or so.
    You'll be getting ready for the afternoon matinee of Lucia di Lammermoor no doubt,direct from rockgor's living room,lol.
    I believe the opera is based on the Sir Walter Scott novel The Bride of Lammermoor,let me know if that is true as I'm no opera buff.
    Have you checked out the stunning Scott monument on Edinburgh's Princes Street.Check the link below.

    Bye for now,enjoy the matinee,lol.

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