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    Bet Your feeling alittle chuffed now with the Harrington win on the golf front! congrats! And Levi moved up to 6th place yesterday for the cycleing! It's all just so exciteing,,eh! P.s i used one of your words,,,Hope it's the right one!,,,,,,,,S
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    Yep,was quite chuffed to see Padraig Harrington win the Open golf.Initially I was rooting for Sergio Garcia but as soon as Harrington emerged from the pack I switched my allegiance to the Irishman,I mean,how loyal is that,lol.But the Scots & Irish have always had a close affinity.The closing few holes were as dramatic as I've seen for ages,& the Argentinian guy Romero went very close as well apart from a few wayward shots at the end.Phew,but I really enjoyed it.
    As Harrington said at the end Sergio's time will come again.
    Haven't seen much of the Tour De France this weekend but hey,your guy Levi is doing very well,but I think his team-mate Contador,the Spanish guy may have a good chance of winning it if he can get a good stage in the mountains this week.It's all happening on the sports front,lol.
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    Yep your a True Brit! Thats Good! I also thought Sergio G. Had it made But Not So! Glad your enjoying the sports front! I watched on and off,,along with trying to beat the Heat again!lol,,,,maybe the Spanish Guy can Hold his own also in the TDF,,,We'll See!,,,,i'm checking out the youtube clips also,,,,,Good Day!,,,S