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  1. goforit

    goforit New Member

    has anyone tried paxil or cymbalta if so did they help and did you like them. what where the side afects like. i have been on trazadone for years and it helped me sleep but I wont to try something different trazadone doesn't seem to be helping anymore.

    thanks Greg
  2. debilyn

    debilyn New Member

    I've been on Cymbalta for 3 months. I've not noticed that it's helping me much at all. I've read about other folks having better results, though.
  3. loto

    loto Member

    I've been on it for quite a while. I take 120 mg cymbalta daily. I take it all at nite, because it does make me sleepy, so i have no trouble falling asleep. The only side effects I remember are sleepiness, and I think it made me constipated for a while when I first started it. It doesn't bother my stomach anymore, though. Anyway, for me, the benefits outweigh the bad things.