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    Hi everyone, I received the following in an email from the BBC today...

    "The programme also investigated Seroxat - one of the UK's favourite anti-depressants. Since we broadcast the programme the medicines regulator, the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency), has now recommended the drug is not prescribed to anybody under 18 years of age."

    If you're taking this medication it would be advisable to get some up-to-date advice in the wake of this. It appears that it is not as innocuous as people are led to believe.

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    Honey Ron was on this for a "short term" panic attck method.. It was awful... He began to be a very angered man.. Shew, it was almost over for us until I convinced him that it was the Paxil..
    Have a friend who was taking Paxil for only a few days.. She was bouncing off the wall!! Never seen anything like it.. She is off it now..
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    Hello, It's about TIME they put warnings on this drug for children. But, I always thought this drug was NOT to be prescribed to children under 18 when the drug first came out. Paxil gave me more health problems than the FMS itself. I can't believe any doctor would give this brain frying drug to children when their bodies are still growing angers the crap out of me. Thank God I got off this drug, but the damage it did changed me for a long time. Now, I hope all the parents of these children are told PROPERLY how to ween off of it. They are in for quite a ride. Hugs, Chelz.