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    Please drop a card or friendly note of encouragement to one of our long time advocates TOM HENNESSY.

    After losing the support of his immediate family (regarding this DD, something we can all relate to), Tom was forced (evicted) from his mother's basement & relocated to Florida. I hadn't heard from Tom in awhile & recently learned that he had been in a serious car accident. Besides being broke, alone & sick, he does not have a physician who understands this disease. Stress & depression are the last things he needs in his life right now. Tom has done so much for so many for so little. When I found myself suddenly homeless a couple years ago, Tom reached out acrosss the country to help & offer encouragement & resources. I would like to do the same for him now (PAY IT FORWARD).

    Cards & letters can be sent to Tom at the following address:

    ManorCare Health Services
    375 Boca Raton, FL 33431

    For those of you who don't know who Tom Hennessy is, he is the President of RESCIND (Repeal Existing Stereotypes of Chronic Immunological & Neurological Diseases), as well as the founder of MAY 12th - CIND INTERNATIONAL AWARENESS DAY. Check out his website at


    Eugene, OR

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    Cerise, thanks for posting this information here. I knew Tom way back when and will definitely be writing a card to him.

    Please note that you left out part of his address on your post! It would be a shame if people wrote and he didn't receive the mail!

    It should be:

    Manor Care Health Services
    Tom Hennessy, Jr.
    375 NW 51st St.
    Boca Raton, FL 33431

    Again, good for you for posting Tom's situation on this board.

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    for correcting that address. The correct one is also on the 'support Tom Hennessy"



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