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    I hate to beat a dead horse, but I have yet another question about ADA. I have searched all morning for this information, but I can't seem to find it (it probably doesn't help that I've been running a low grade fever for nearly a week, and I feel like a huge ache. But, I digress).

    During my 3-month review, I was given a raise. However, I could've gotten more money, but my supervisor stated that " performance issues" kept me from receving more money per hour. She said that we would wait a month and then discuss how much more money I could get. Last week, I e-mailed her and told her that a month had passed and I wanted to re-visit the issue, as she had promised during my review.

    The meeting was postponed until Monday (yesterday), but I was out sick. I don't know if we're having the meeting today (I would prefer that we don't since I feel badly), but I want to be armed with some legal info in case they refuse to give me money based on the fact that I've taken three days of sick leave this month. Since they turned down my reasonable accommodation and obviously are ignorant of ADA is that aspect, it's reasonable to conclude that they wouldn't adhere to ADA on the issue of pay.

    I know we can't post urls here, but I was wondering if any just knows what ADA, EEO, or JAN say about pay increases...or if anyone can provide with the right search words. So far, I've been searching Google using "american with disabilites act and pay" and "ada and wages."

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    Newswoman New Member meeting is at 4:30 EST today!!!!
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    Sorry I can't be of help to you in giving you a website, but since time is of the issue here, I would start making some calls and ask them to fax you the information and take that into the meeting with you.

    As we know according to ADA, employers cannot discriminate against people with handicapps or chronic illness. We have to be given the SAME consideration as anyone else.

    However, as we also know, employers find ways around that law, and the issue of absenteeism is one of the main excuses they use. I know the director at my job has used that to keep me from getting any kind of a raise, and I've worked there 10 years.

    Call several places until someone can point you towards the right direction. Then, have them fax you the info. Hang in there and Good Luck. Saying a prayer for you, Carol...
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    Thanks for the responses!