Paying for a good more time

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    Friday I had a great day at work...I run over 300 panes of glass thru the washer in an hour...looking good, guys 7 gals. The whole day went well, I was in great spirits, work was going great for me. I got off from work with the intentions of going to take care of some errands, I was feeling so great! I got in my P/U truck, and by the time I got pulled out of the parking lot I had changed my mind...droop and drag had begun to set in. I got home, and set in the chair and dozed off and on until 7:30pm when the T.V. gave a tornado warning. I jumped up and left, headed for my brother's house 6 miles away. The wind was barely blowing, and it wasn't even sprinkling. By the time I got 2 miles down the road it was raining so hard I could hardly see the road, wind whipping the trees, and lightening so close it was blinding me. I was so the time I got to my brother's house (and I thank God for getting me there!) I was in tears, my throat and mout so dry I could have spit dust! By the time the storm was over I wound up staying all night because I wasn't sure I could drive home. I Got up this morning, feeling better, came home, took a shower, got dressed, intending to go to town and take care of the things I didn't get done Friday. By the time I had my shoes on the fatigue was unbareable! I have been on the couch with a blanket all day, freezing with a temp of 98 deg. (Norm is 96.3) What a day! I so hope tomorrow it is better! I have to mow the yard and do my wash...monday and a 9 hour work day are looking me in the face...

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    Think I'll just bump ME up. There is nothing as rotten as whining and nobuni answering!!!!!(((LOL)))

    Love all you folks!!

    In my Prayers!

    God Bless!!
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    Aggressive Rest Therapy - I like the sound of that!! Sure could use some of it. As if it's ever going to happen!!

    I feel exactly the same as you guys do. When I feel good I enjoy working, especially if it's on a project, which often just pop into my mind when I feel good and I jump right into them. Not always the smartest thing to do, but if I don't finish them I never seem to get back to them. I always overdo it, without exception. There's so much to do, for one thing, I have to fit in as much as possible while I can.

    And then I pay. Good analogy, the "physically bi-polar"!! By now I just expect the crash and flow with it. That's possible now that it's just me and my husband, no invalid mother to care for, can't work so no job to go to. It's just one more thing that we have to get used to.

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    This weekend has been hell for me too. I couldn't even watch TV. It basically consisted of me whiling away the hours in the fetal position. You know, the WORST thing about this f-ing condition is that every bit of self-knowledge you've ever accumulated is so often violated. My instincts about what is OK and what is not OK seem to be consistently wrong. "I can go on a 20 minute bike ride," says I. "No you cannot," says my body 36 hours later. And then I am made to pay for my mistake. It's not good.

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    I sure didn't mean to depress anyone...It's just gotten to be so common...Saturdays I seem to need about 24 hours to recoop from the week. By Sunday I feel pretty decent. This DD is so weird! It seems like I'm doing just fine, and then it's like a ton of bricks has dropped on me! I can't tell if it's when the meds wear off, or if that's just the way it is. The toughest part to me is trying to explain how I just can't DO what everyone is planning. My 2 daughters are planning a yard sale this coming Saturday. Well, the last TWO Saturdays have been spent dozing off and on all day, feeling so weak I can hardly move! Back my ears and give it a shot...have a 3 day week end this coming week end.

    We will make it, We will be ok...our lives are just DIFFERENT now. If we need to rest, then SO BE IT. It's OK.

    Gee, I wish that I could SEE you all. I wish we all felt like a "reunion" of sorts...

    Love to you all...chins up! WE ARE SPECIAL!!!

    I AM SUMBUNI SPECIAL!!! and so are you!