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    I watched what I thought was going to be a 1 hr program on Amish: Shunned last night on PBS..but it was 2 hrs and I stayed glued to it even though I wanted to go to bed....anyway, I know it's a strict group of people but didn't realize how deep the strictness goes....

    Thought my catholic life was strict and it took a half of my lifetime or more to rid myself of those strict ties and I'm fine with it all now. For me, I know my move to CA opened up a whole new life and outlook on it all.

    The program focused on probably 4-5 young people who wanted to "leave" and the tapes were so engrained and even when they finally left, would still put on the clothing when they visited with their parents, often, the parents would not allow them in the house, they would have to visit on the porch or in the fields...

    One man who was focused on a lot during the 2 hrs, was one who took in young men mostly who were trying to leave, he talked how he left and went back 6 times befor he finally left for good the 7th time...he was a family married man with a wife and a couple children who lived the city life.

    One young lady fufilled her "dream" and went to a university and became an RN....unthinkable to her family....

    Another young lady, after spending about a year with a lady who left the amish years before, just could not adjust and the end of the program showed her putting on all the clothing, hats, etc. and the older woman drove her back to her roots....they hugged and the young woman was walking toward her parents' home.....the show ended...

    All very interesting, upon some research it appears that 270,000some is the population in the U.S...Ohio and PA leading the numbers....no numbers for CA.

    Just had to share my 2 hr experience from last night....2 hrs of no commericals on PBS.....
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    Hi Jaminhealth,

    I recorded this, but haven't watched it yet; unless I did a year or two ago. Yeah, pretty strict business this Amish lifestyle. Shunning? Have to say, I have a hard time finding the "spiritual" in that. Sounds really controlling, and vindictive and mean-spirited to me. --- FWIW, I grew up in central Wisconsin where there's a significant population of Amish. I always got along quite well with them, and they for some reason seemed to take a special interest in me. I later met a woman who could see others' past lives, and as we visited, told me she could see me dressed as an Amish farmer. Do you suppose that's why we seemed to have an affinity with each other? :)
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    I agree Wayne, where is the spirituality...my catholic upbringing was very controlling, mean spirited in many ways to me, I know a lot has changed in the catholic world, but I could never go back to it....not enough change and I'm not into any religion anyway at this late date....I've looked at enough in my longlife and am comfortable with where I've arrived....

    I suppose some groups are more strict than others....but to not allow your children in your home when they come back to visit.....I have a tough time with that one....the ones who have left sure do suffer in order to get on with their new living.

    I have a good many jewish friends and one thing about those friends, they never postulize in order to get more members.....so many of these friends have left the synagogues anyway, but many keep their tradition....some celebrate holidays with bushes and trees.....

    I keep thinking back to that 2 hr program and so enjoyed the history but also loved 2 hrs of no commercials.....PBS offers a lot of good programming.....jam
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    Jam, I saw a comment recently that I think you might appreciate. It went something like, "The Catholic Church did everything in its power to keep Europe in the Dark Ages". Quite an indictment, but so very true.
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    Just an FYI...PBS is airing the program again on sunday at 1PM in this area....