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    Rx for Survival: A Global Health Challenge

    tuesday- Disease Warriors; Rise of the Superbugs. Vaccines; wonder drugs

    wednesday- Delivering the Goods; Deadly Messangers. The obstacles to providing health care to populations in need.

    thursday- Back to the Basics; How Safe Are We? Illnesses plague the developing world; America's overabundance.

    friday- global health: america's response

    just fyi, looks good
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    I missed the first part, but thought what I saw was a good show. I was not aware that drug companies were no longer developing antibiotics. The antibiotic resistant organisms are really scary. On a lighter note, I found it amusing that the antibacterial property of molds was discovered due to the sloppy 'housekeeping' of a medical researcher (whose name was familiar, but of course I cannot now remember).
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    tonite I wanted to see that it looke interesting...will have to make me a note so i will remember tomorrow thanks!
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    These look good. Thanks for posting them.

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