PBS program on depression by Jane Pauley.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by gapsych, May 21, 2008.

  1. gapsych

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    There is a program on PBS tonight about depression that is moderated by Jane Pauley. Wasn't she diagnosed with bipolar?

    It is on at 8:00 where I live but check you local stations as sometimes the schedules can be different among PBS stations.

    I am posting this on the FM, chit chat and depression board.

  2. Rafiki

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    which is incredibly impertinent of me because she believes she is.

    Her story is here:

    Her illness was triggered by steroids and anti-depressants at 50 which is very unusual.

    I tried SSRIs to treat my fatigue in my 40s. I became hypo-manic on prozac and hideously, horribly depressed on Paxil. It was suggested that I actually had manic depression. I was urged to begin lithium. I was told it was nothing, just a salt. I remember the shrink talking about it being found in nature and animals licking it. I remember her making a licking gesture!

    I left her care and took myself off SSRIs (a hellish experience I should not have embarked on alone) and returned to my regular mood state which is generally good and certainly always well within normal bounds. It has been more than 10 years and I have had neither mania nor depression in that time. If anything, I tend to be rather more emotionally resilient - much as Jane Pauley described herself pre medication - than your average person.

    I am concerned that there is a large, and growing, number of people diagnosed with bipolar disorder when, in actual fact, their condition is iatrogenic and would resolve with support and the withdrawal of the offending drug.

    Jane Pauley was treated with steroids for an allergic reaction. The steroids caused a depression for which she was given an anti-depressant which caused the mania. Then she was given Lithium and a diagnosis at 50.

    Once you are in the altered state it is very difficult to ascertain whether it was revealed or created by the drugs. The article at WebMD touches only briefly on this issue. I am part of a class action law suit which will languish in limbo forever given the wealth and power of the makers of Paxil, et al.

    I find this situation most alarming.

    Peace out,

    PS I'm very rocky, physically, just now so really hope this is understandable! I wasn't going to post at all but I believe this issue is very important and beginning to slide off everyone's radar as more and more people simply accept this diagnosis and medicate the effects of medication.

  3. Cromwell

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    In was watching the program on kids and myface etc last night in total shock, and saw this advertised.

    I think the more respectability and acceptance we can bring to mental illness all helps. I do get what you mean though Rafiki, as I get a little off at people(stars) who proclaim their child was autistic and is now cured when it seems most of them were just late talkers.

    I go to an autism support group and a woman there and her son both claim to be autistic but nothing about them remotely suggests it. I also used to counsel almost exclusively bi polar clients and know how truly devastating this illness can be.

    I want to watch it though.

    Love Annie
  4. gapsych

    gapsych New Member

    Wow, how interesting. I had read her book a long time ago and thought at the time she did not sound like she is bipolar.

    I had the same reaction to SNRI's, was diagnosed as bipolar for about a week and they then realized it was the SNRI's as I had also had to get off one ten years previously as I had gotten what the doctor's said was, "manic like behaviors"

    I am on the SSRI Zoloft now and am doing fine. I am also on Lamectal and while it is prescribed for bipolar it can also help with your AD.

    So supposedly I am not bipolar but take the Lamectal which can be used for bipolar has really helped me in that I have been on the Zoloft for a year and a half and it is still effective. My history was that AD's would work for a while and then not be as errective.

    Confused? Yes, so am I. So whatever the label, I am on medication which has really helped.

    My diagnosis is now depression.

    You do not have to post to this. It sounds like you need to rest and take care of yourself. I think there is an epidemic on this board right now with people having flares.

    You take care and thanks for this interesting post.

    OMG, I just realized that I did not look on the website you provided. I will do that now.

    Take care, GA

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  5. Rafiki

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    You make a very important point, Annie.

    Before I considered that I had been fine before SSRIs and perhaps they were to blame, I set about becoming a responsible, informed activist for mental illness. I decided that if I had to have this devastating illness, I should make the very best of it and work to improve understanding.

    It is unlikely that I would have been so sanguine about the whole thing were I actually having my first episode of Bi-polar illness. I was very well for someone who was supposed to be so ill. Jane Pauley's story has a very familiar ring.

    I think we sometimes rush rather precipitously to take our place as good embassadors (sp?) for our diagnosis. I know I very nearly did. A celebrity or a news person would feel an even greater sense of responsibility and need to turn it into something positive.

    All I know for sure is that it very nearly happened to me.

    Peace out,
  6. gapsych

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    Our posts must have crossed in cyberspace. It appears before your second post.

    I do plan on watching the show tonight so it should be interesting to see what she says as I think there is a panel afterwards, but may have misremembered that part.

    Thanks for the information.

  7. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member


    I'm glad you found med.s that help and do no harm. Xanax has been very good for me. My thing has always been anxiety (Panic Disorder) and not depression. Xanax freed me from panic, helps me to sleep (along with meditation) and seems to help the ME some.

    I, too, will be watching tonight unless I am delirious. :~) I don't think the barometric dance of spring is doing anyone any good. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

    Peace to you,
  8. gapsych

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    Hey, you are not delirious you are hilarious.

    In my twenties I had anxiety attacks that just stopped and ten years later went to the doctor as I knew I was depressed as I had seen it with my mother, and was one of the first people in his practice to get Prozac. People never think of me being depressed as I tend to look perky (?). Not because I am trying to hide anything. However, lately I think I have lost some of that perkiness for lack of a better description.

    The klonepin has done wonders not for just anxiety but also for my RLS.

    You better take care or I am going to sneak across the border and give you a peace of my mind. What's the penalty if they catch you. LOL

    I have meditated off and on before, since the 70's when the Beatles were also doing it. But I would like to start up again. I love listening to peaceful music and has almost the same affect. Just not as quiet.

    WE can do reviews of the show tomorrow. Oh Boy!!!


    Unfortunately, my meditation lately looks like I am just sleeping in bed. Which I am, ha!
  9. Rafiki

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    I thought.


    ETA I missed the discussion which followed, unfortunately.

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  10. gapsych

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    Unfortunately, I was only able to watch the first 45 minutes and found the stories fascinating.

    I thought they brought up some interesting points like when you go to the doctor, how family history really helps choose what medication has the best chance of helping you.

    I am glad they brought up the subject that certain people may have the reaction of becoming manic when on certain AD's. I did not catch if they think that means that you have had bipolar but mild symptoms or if it was just a reaction to the medication. I guess it could be either. This happened to me when I took Wellbutrin and ten years later on Cymbalta. I can not take SNRIs but do tolerate the SSRI's. I think you had mentioned the same reaction.

    I would like to get more information about the stastic that since doctor's are more hesitant about prescribing AD's because of the warnings of possible suicide and yet the suicide rate has increased. I can not remember what the magazine it was in. Need to do a google.

    I could go on and on but would be interested in other people's take.

    Did Jane Pauly make an appearance? Was there a panel after the show?

    Hope you are feeling better.


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  11. Cromwell

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    I could not get it!!! Think our PBS was down???

    Rafiki I did want to mention that due to the Oprah show years ago based on one "written to gain fame" book on bi polar in very young children - I forget the name of the husband and wife team who wrote it, I can tell you that the number of very young children incorrectly being dxd with bi polar illness and being put on psychotropic meds is alarming.

    Because the meds produce side effects such as sleepiness, lack of ability to focus and anger, the kids get put on even more meds.

    We recently fostered a young girl 14 who had been on Risperdal, Lamactil, Prozac, and more recently, Abilify at very high doses for years. It seems the initial dx was made when she was six, in a 45 minute interview by a Psychiatrist who just took her parent's word for everything. I have seen old movies of this child where her mom points out how "bad" she was and all I saw was a perfectly normal, bright but precocious little girl. Previously her parents had her dxd with ADD.

    This child was a wreck when we first met her. She was too thin, had migraines,stomach aches, could not stay awake, was sad, flew into violent rages, had a severe movement disorder to name a few. Over time, we weaned her off all meds and she is a delightful toung woman, now in another foster home, attending regular school for first time and clearly has and probably always had Aspergers.

    It concerns me how many children on the autistic spectrum are dxd with bi polar disorder and the rather flippant way psychiatrists prescribe ever increasing meds.-meds which have never been approved for children. All kids I have seen taking Abilify for eg develop rages and fine tremor and hunched over appearance as well as sleepiness.

    I have worked with two parents getting their own young kids off neuroleptics and both times there ws vast improvement.
    I think the over dxing of bi polar is outrageous.

    As a mental health professional I never saw any bi polar disorders until after puberty, with a mean age for boys around 16 and girls slightly later 18-23. Since that trendy book (never verified for witting account)came out the rush to dx kids with BP is beyond belief. I would also say the same for autism, there is also over dxing with autism, ditto ADHD etc. There is a LOT of misdxing for sure. Also the very docs prescribing never seem to accept the meds themselves are to blame for many symptoms.

    Do you recall when Oprah had the Rabbit lady on with all the Multiple personalities and every shrink was dxing that, also many other mental health conditions as and when they get publicity.

    I would dearly love to alert the WORLD to the overdxing of bi polar in children. I think it is a total lie. Childhood Schizophrenia yes, but bi polar, no. Plus they do not give the kids lithium but immediately have them on Risperdal. Now one autism group is advocating Risperdal for autistic kids. I suggest they stop making money out of children and take the darn meds themselves. I won't even start of Prozac.

    Love Annie

  12. Rafiki

    Rafiki New Member

    Annie, I hear you! You make a very eloquent case. It is quite horrifying to consider how many children may be trapped in iatrogenic mental illness.

    On further consideration, while this doc. was very successful at evoking the suffering caused by Depression and Manic Depression, it did leave one with a rather simplistic understanding of diagnosis and treatment. But, having been so moved by these truly heart wrenching stories, one is not of a mind to look at the issues too critically.


    I wish I had seen the discussion afterwards.

    I wonder if anyone else did?

    Peace out,

  13. gapsych

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    You can go to the PBS website and see the whole show.
    I am going to put this on the other boards.


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