PBS...Remaking American Medicine 10/22/06

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    PBS 10-22-06 (local PBS in Georgia)

    "The Stealth Epidemic"

    Los Angeles and Washington's Whatcom County strive to maximize health-care resources for those with chronic diseases.

    Hope you get it where you are. Sounds (hope) like it might be about us.


    Please keep this bumped up if you think others would be interested.

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    Thanks for the info! I watch PBS alot! I will Be watching for this Programm!
  3. IndianPrincess

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    Thanks for the info!

  4. shootingstar

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    I will be interested in seeing this.
  5. mbofov

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    Thanks for posting --

  6. victoria

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    REMAKING AMERICAN MEDICINE then moves to the challenge of treating chronic diseases that affect nearly 100 million Americans. "The Stealth Epidemic" (10/19) examines the human and economic costs of effectively managing diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions that consume nearly 70 percent of all health care resources.

    The episode examines the groundbreaking efforts in two very different communities - Los Angeles and Whatcom County in the state of Washington - that are fundamentally transforming the physician-patient relationship. These initiatives offer a glimmer of hope for patients struggling with their chronic conditions.


    I hope it mentions CF/FM etc., but, it sounds more like it's about more easily identifiable but 'silent' diseases...

    I don't get PBS, it's extra on DirecTv, so I will be looking forward to your reports about it!

    Thanks for posting,

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