PCOS now diabetic (Madwolf & others any advice)

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    Okay ... I am so sick of getting one thing after another. I guess this time it is my own fault for not acting sooner but I am still having a pity party.
    I was punched in the jaw in 1987 and ALL my problems started. The horrible severe TMJ and then the FM symptoms. I have had two jaw surgeries and was officially dx with FM in 2000. I gave birth to two beautiful daughters with no problem (1989 & 1991) so I never thought I had "female" problems until 2002 when things starting happening. Since 1987 when all the FM symptons started, the major pain, my lessening of being active and increase of meds I began to gain weight. Although I have tried in vain to lose weight I have been horribly unsuccessful.
    In 2002 I was dx with PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and I had an endometrial ablation to stop some female bleeding that was causing me major problems. (worked great, no bleeding since Nov. 2002) My GYN told me I should see an endocrinologist to be put on glucophage to control insulin resistance. Well, this is where I blew it. I never went. I figured I had not had any problems to date and I was just sick to death of going to so many drs that I never went. Well, last month I found out I was hypothyroid (TSH was 11.64) and I HAD to go see an endocrinologist. Well, on top of being officially dx with the hypothyroidism I was also dx with diabetes. The insulin resistance had gotten worse and here I am ... another damn illness to deal with.
    HELP!!! I am scared, angry, worried, nervous just all kinds of emotions wrapped up. I have started checking my sugar and it is slowly coming down but not as quickly as I would like (I did go over to the diabetes support group on this site). I am now on all kinds of meds. Any sugestions or reccomendations would be great. Thanks.

    Metformin (Glucophage) 500mg - 1 tab a day (eventually will be at 4 tabs a day

    Levoxyl .1mg - 1x a day (dr will not give me Armour)

    Cytomel 12.5mcg a day

    Topamax 75mg - nightly (bumping up 25mg a month)

    Vicoprofen - 7.5mg/200mg 2 tabs 3x a day (hoping to switch to something different - I think it is making blood pressure go up a little)

    Illness': Asthma, TMJ, Fibromyalgia, Diabetes/PCOS, Hypothyroidism, Migraines, Osteoarthritis (jaw, neck, & possibly low back), reverse curve in neck, two ruptured discs in back, sciatica,

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    Hi Janine - I too have pcos, as well as fms, cfs, hypothyroidism, now Meniers'd disease, osteoarthritis of knee & hip joints and possiblly lower back, a healed crooked tail bone, and I think I will stop there. Enough meds for this as it is!
    As for the pcos I am on gluc xr but only 1000 mg. been there for over a year. Dr says for now this is enough but we keep an eye on it. I did loose some weight at first but havent been watching my diet lately and havent lost any more.
    I had to have ablation for uncontrollable bleeding but it didnt work and I had to end up with a hysterectomy (which I asked for to begin with but had to go with ablation first for insurance to pay for it). Have had no problems from that. The dx of fms and cfs came after the hyster but had a heck of a time getting the drs to dx me with these. It seems some drs dont like to dx with these.
    Dont feel alone in this - there are others out there with it also.
    As for the diet I did have to cut down on the carbs and raise the proteins. It has helped alot if I stay on it. There are times when I just have to have pasta or bread tho! Unfortunately carbs were the main stay of most of our meals - grew up that way. So have had to change diet dratically and convince dh this was better for all of us including him who has syndrome x! The endo I saw said changing the diet and exercising would be the best thing he could tell me to do for pcos. On the exercising he said to do something where my pulse would increase but not too much. Start out at three minutes and every week add another minute of exercise. Works pretty good when I stick to it too!

    BEst wishes ~ Toni
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    I also have PCOS and last year was dx'd as diabetic. However, they then downgraded the diabetes 6 months later to
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    for all the replys ... I am trying so hard and doing what I should. Increased exercise and cut down on carbs. The FM makes the exercise very difficult sometimes but I am trying. I break it up into 15-20 min. sessions.

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    Wow! I did something right :) I can handle the short walks. Two or three 10-15 minute walks are great for me. When I push too hard I really feel bad and then I cannot do anything which makes me feel worse so whats the sense of that.

    Madwolf, as always, thanks for your helpful words. I look forward to what you have to say. And when my husband learned where you lived he said you knew what you were talking about :) (he's from Spokane but far, far from home now - Miami, FL)