PCP wants me to see a different Rhumey...Can't stop crying

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    I have seen two Rhumetologist so far. My first one kept saying sjogren's and fms, my PCP felt that I didn't have the significant symptoms for SS such as severe dry mouth and eyes. Which I really don't so I changed doctors as he reccomended well maybe I made a huge mistake because I took all the notes fro the first dr and the new rhumey read them and he said SS also. And has done no tests of his own just keeps wanting to give me meds, that it seems I don't need. Anyways I haven't been feeling well and I decided to go to my PCP, well I have a significant bladder infection which I have had several times in the past year.

    I told my PCP all the things I have been dealing with like the redness appearing on my cheeks and nose. The way I suddenly become ill and ran down. Well he said he was sceptical about the SS diagnoses the first time and says he still doubts it now.
    My husband doesn't act to thrilled with me changing drs again. He has alot on his mind with them cutting his pay and all. Due to the ecomomy, but he made me feel as if this is all my fault or its not real, that I don't really feel that bad or something.
    I am so afraid I have Lupus or something and they aren't treating it. Is there something someone could tell me some symtom that I should look for.

    Anyways my PCP wants me to find another Dr and have them start this mess od tests all over again and come to their own conclusion not just read anothers. And he said if they say its SS again then we will accept it but he feels there is something else he didn't want to say but Lupus came up.

    I am sorry I rambled so. But how long should I search for answers , how do I know when its right??? I really never did accept the SS dx I can't explain why, it just bothered me from the onset. Am I alone??
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    I just want to give up and forget about it. And just feel like crap and go on. I am at that point now.Besides all they will want to do is pump me full of meds. I just wish I had never gone to the doctors about any of it in the first place. Who do I believe, when will I know I have gotten the truth anyways ?? I just feel like saying forget it all. Maybe my PCP can just keep an eye on me and help me if I need it. Maybe I don't even need a firm Diagnoses anymore.