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    The charm of a sunset I cannot capture
    Or carve a mountain high,
    Sculpt a majestic eagle's wings
    Or paint rainbows across the sky ...

    Clothe one tree with leaves
    Of glorious colors of crimson and gold,
    Or bring to it greening in Springtime ~
    'Cause sweet roses' petals to unfold.

    I cannot feather a sparrow
    Or create for the fish one fin,
    Mold for the peacock its brilliant plume,
    Build a nest the birds could live in.

    But, there is a mighty Sovereign,
    The Creator of all things who can,
    With the voice of many waters,
    Calm raging seas at His command.

    And, when I am confused and troubled,
    As a storm toss'd vessel at sea,
    That Voice simply speaks, "Peace, be still,"
    Restoring to me sweet tranquility!

    © 2002 by Mary Carter Mizrany