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    ~ PEACE ~

    I have not riches, but I have peace,
    Worth more than this world of gold.
    You see, I found it in sweet Jesus;
    Trusting even my very own soul.

    In finding problems, troubles, and trials
    (In this old world, here, below)
    I can trust Jesus to carry me through,
    In making my very life whole.

    Without Jesus, you have not peace,
    No matter what you've been told.
    Satan will trick you and send you to hell,
    Just to claim your very own soul.

    If you have riches, but have not peace;
    You're missing the real gold.
    You see, it's found it in sweet Jesus,
    He'll give peace to make you whole.

    © by V. Oranell Cupp
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    How true! All the riches in the world cannot give us the peace that only God can give.