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    I speak peace to you from the top of your head to bottom of your feet in Jesus Name. For those of you who are fortunate to
    be in loving family situations this weekend please enjoy you deserve it. For those of us that it stirs up a lot of loneliness and pain I pray that God will come and comfort you in a special way. Go and have a good cry and then go out and do something nice for you. Go buy yourself some flowers or eat naniamo bars (lol). Don't sit around wishing for something that isn't going to happen this year. Do something to enjoy the day. Remember God loves you so much and He has promised to be our husband and father and is always with us. Also you are loved so much by everyone on the board. Love you all so much more than your realize and you all are special to me.
    Blessings on each on.
    Love ya
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    I took your advice and on Mother's Day I treated myself to lunch and went out and bought flowers after church. I am not a Mother but I am grateful for my mother.

    I want to honor her today along with all the mothers on this board and say good job and thank you. I love my mother so much. She is like my best friend. I was not able to spend the day with her as we just live too far apart for me to do the drive for a short weekend but she knows I love her and I sent her a gift card to her favorite restaurant which has become her second home since my Dad died. LOL

    I wish you all a glorious day and no matter what your circumstances be grateful for something today. God bless all of you on this very special day.