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    Hi there. I am a pastor but not in the traditional sense. I do different things. One of the things I do is watch over and provide counsel for pastors and other people in ministry. I am an associate pastor to a friend of mine who is starting a Bible College for people who are disabled. It is slow going. I occasionally help him teach. Right now we are on hold as we re-group. The main thing I do is God gave me a concept called Home Chaplaincy. It is like home visitation but more involved. It is meeting needs physical, spiritual and emotional and hooking people up with social services that are available. We visit people who are disabled and unable to get out or people who seem to guess lost in systems and are ignored. It is more involved in that. My senior pastor eventually wants to start a church for the disabled so until it comes to pass we do a lot of ministering to people on line or on a one on one.. Am I making sense? Did I answer your questions?
    Is there anything I can do for you? Please feel to ask me any questions.