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    I have been posting a lot about peaceful nights which has GABA in it. I strongly believe that GABA is needed to help achieve stage 3 & 4 (deep sleep). I read Figuring out Fibromyalgia and the dr has done a lot of research on this.

    I am at a place where I no longer want prescription drugs and found peaceful nights to be very helpful.

    One tip: I recommend cutting the hard tablets in half to help with digestion. I wish it came in a capsule. I take the recommended dose of 4 ea at night. Along with l-theanine. Also I take 5 htp during the day to help with seratonin.

    I spoke to prohealth and they said they will document and look into possible changes on the capsule verses tablet issue. If they don't change it then I may look for another sleep supplement with GABA and in a capsule form.
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    After 6 months of pain and crashes, I have weaned myself of oxycotin and anti-depressants. It was a very hard struggle. But I can't believe the quality of sleep I now have. I can sleep from 10 to 6;30 without waking up-I used to wake up 3 times during the nite.

    I do have some difficulty coping with the pain during the day. A lot of stretching, walking, resting and evasion thru painting are a must. But it is wonderful not to be so anxious, exhausted, depressed and all around zombie. I can now cry when the pain gets too much and I love it.

    I did see my doctor after my weaning who would have preferred a slower pace for the weaning. But, I couldn't have done it any other way. The doctor is following me in another month for any after effects of this weaning- nausea is one of them.

    Good luck to anyone who considers weaning. This is not for everyone but for me it was a lifeline.

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