Peanut Butter (mold)!!

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    So many eat PB and don't realize the "mold" issue with peanuts, some have switched to almond butter and other nut butters....I don't eat much of any of them anymore.

    If you must eat PB, consider this:
    Fungus-free, mold-free peanut butter: I found one and it's yummy!
    Fungus-free, mold-free peanut butter: I found one and it's yummy!

    Over the past year, I have been "trying" to avoid all forms of peanut butter, including organic, due to the high levels of multiple strains of cancer-causing fungus (i.e. Jimmy Carter's family has lots of cancer). Boy have I been missing it, especially the natural kind without all the yucky fillers and Crisco taste! But wait! Maybe there is hope yet....

    Arrowhead Mills Valencia Organic Peanut Butter:
    Available at Whole Foods and other health food stores. You can also get it online at some discount warehouses. Make sure it says Organic Valencia on the jar.

    Only Valencia peanuts are safe from fungus because of "where" they are grown: Arizona (dry, arid climate).

    Now here is the reason it's such a big deal which type of peanut butter we eat. Too bad the author didn't know about the Valencia peanuts, and many of his peanut butter-loving readers were upset about the news. Maybe I'll write to him:

    Scary quotes from the article:

    "By the way, the aflatoxin threat is taken seriously enough that OSHA actually requires workers dealing with large quantities of peanuts to wear facial masks so they don't breath in too much of the mold."

    "Statistically, just as a rule of thumb, two tablespoons of peanut butter a day produce a higher risk of death than living next to a nuclear power plant. A lot higher, if you eat peanut butter made from peanuts that sit around on the shelves for weeks at a time, or from opened jars of peanut butter that sit around unrefrigerated for weeks at a time."

    Keep in mind that I do not recommend eating peanut everyday even if it's fungus and mold-free because peanuts (soy too) block iodine production to the thyroid, which is a big problem in this country in regard to excess weight. These are foods to eat in moderation and only organic.
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    Get organic peanuts. All loads of ALL peanuts are checked for mould by the FDA.

    Peanuts are extremely high in anti-oxidants ---- far richer than carrots or beets, according to Wiki. Also they are high in CoQ10 and resveratrol. Oh yes, forgot niacin and folate too.

    I think peanuts are a very good food source ---- if they are not mouldy of course. Be careful where you shop and what you buy.

    Best wishes to All,
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    Is there anything that is considered safe to eat by the alternative community?? Enjoy life. If you like peanut butter then eat it. :) I don't see anyone here getting any better by eating a restricted bland diet devoid of the foods that they enjoy. Moderation is the key - not restriction unless you have a health concern such as celiac disease.
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    TL, "we" in the alternative community will back off on foods that are questionable. Even those in the non alternative community back off PB, I remember when one of my grandkids was in pre school they were not to bring PB in the kids lunches as a couple children had horrible allergies to peanuts, some could get their throats to close up. Pretty scarey.

    Why would one prefer pesticide laden foods over organic, cleaner foods........jam