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    I am in a national group for people with service animals. Please watch Peanut oil for yourselves and your pet. This came to us today from a member


    I recd. this from our breeder but don't know the brand. Sunshine doesn't like PB so she is ok. Please circulate, best,

    We have a doodle, from 5/12/08 litter,
    that was rushed to the vet this morning after being discovered lying in a pool of bloody vomit - she was losing blood from both ends. It appears that salmonella caused from doggie peanut butter treats - these were not even listed on the recall list. Her mama, Shawn, wants to pass this message on to you all:

    "Make sure and check any treats you have.. .ours were not on the recall list. . .NO PEANUT BUTTER ANYTHING. . .including anything with peanut butter oil or that might have been processed in a plant with peanut products!!!"