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    (Apologies if this was plugged here before - I can't remember where I saw it

    Somebody recommended to me the blog posts on XMRV at:
    "I am the author of Origami Striptease (a novel) and Pathogenesis (poems),
    and the editor of Stricken: Voices from the Hidden Epidemic of Chronic
    Fatigue Syndrome. Check out my books here!"

    I have just finished reading the first two posts following the XMRV
    announcement and thought they were good.

    Friday, October 09, 2009
    "ME/CFS and the Retroviral Elephant"

    Saturday, October 17, 2009
    "First, Do No Pharma"

    These aren't dry scientific pieces but involve recounting some of her life
    and experiences, also mentioning information on the politics from the 90s,

    She gives out about the alternative medicine article that claimed that XMRV
    was a scam by vaccine manufacturers in "First, Do No Pharma".

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