pelvic floor spasms

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  1. ellie5320

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    does anyone else get pelvic floor spasms ?
    I have just put a magnetic underlay on my bed to try to help with the pain it certainly has helped me during the night not days though.
    It started when I did this so I was wondering if it is coincidence or the changeable weather or just a natural progression
    thanks in anticipation.
  2. hatbox121

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    I don't get pelvic floor spasms but I do have a prolapsed uterus and other pelvic floor weakness related issues. Do you take muscle relaxers? Try taking the underlay away for a night or two and while I know it would cause the pain to come back, it would answer the question of whether or not it's related.
  3. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    thanks hatbox for your reply
    I am finding now that I have very little control of my bladder and bowel in the morning it improves over the day but not to what it was also hurts to sit down sometimes I think it will have to be a dr visit although he doesn't know what to do with me
    I don't take anything except panadol osteo
    I was on oxycontin but it zonked me out for too long and that was the lowest dose[This Message was Edited on 05/05/2009]
  4. jaynesez

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    "Pudendal Neuralgia" and check out the symptoms there; also there are trigger points in these muscles that cause a great deal of pain as well. I go through this and I don't know about you, but it feels like someone took a hammer and hit me in the tailbone with it. I have to take a muscle relaxer (usually hits me in the middle of the night) and do "labor breathing" to get through it until the meds kick in. It affects people differently, and there is some good information about these spasms in the "FM & CMP Survival manual, 2nd Edition", although the massage treatment they tell you to give yourself is difficult to do, if you have back problems, etc. (if you get my meaning!) :) Good luck and if you don't have any muscle relaxers, or have ones that don't work, please talk to your dr. about this!
  5. charlenef

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    Here is what I do sit in a hard chair spread your legs and hang forward hand on the ground and hold as long as possible i use to do it for 10min but now I can only do it for short periods of time but I repeat until it releases good luck charlene
  6. hatbox121

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    It may be bladder or uterine prolapse if it hurts to sit and low bladder control. It's actually very common after childbirth and as we get older. I"m only 28 but had a very rough delivery of my second child. See your gyno. An OB/GYN(or whomever you use for that) may actually be able to help you more than a regular or pain dr. In fact they will probably send you to the gyno. If it is, there are things that can be done. Surgery or a thingie(can't remember the real name) that you insert that helps hold it up. Not to mention meds for the bladder control. I hope that helps. And you are welcome for the response.
  7. AdirondackScarlet

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    Most are under-educated with FMS we are enigmas to many.
  8. hatbox121

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    Hey gb66, sorry you've had so much trouble with the pessary. No, I didn't have any treatments done. I was supposed to have a hysterectomy but had to postpone that and then lost my insurance so I'm still hurting. My prolapse came after a rough birth. My son was literally dying and so I pushed without contractions and I think that's what contributed to it. I was 27 with a grade 4 prolapse. Luckily as my uterus shrank it went down to a grade 2. But let me tell you I was certainly freaked out when I sat down and out came the uterus. I called the after hours line and the dr was like "oh It's probably just your uterus" JUST???? How'd he like it if his bladder was hanging out of his stuff? And I think they contribute any type of pain we have, no matter what it is, to FM. What type of surgery would you be considering? Full hysterectomy and repair of the others or just slings to pull all of it up? Hopefully you can try the pessary again. Have they considered moving to a different type of pessary? I do know that there are different types(construction wise) but I don't know if each one has a certain "rule" for being used. Have they done the estrogen cream? My grandma had a prolapsed bladder(at least I think bladder) and she did some estrogen cream to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.