Pelvic pain, Fibromyalgia trigger point

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sheridragonfly, May 26, 2009.

  1. sheridragonfly

    sheridragonfly New Member

    At times for weeks I will have a burning and sore area where the colon is on the lower left side of the pelvic area...and also a sore feeling bladder around it..

    No burning in the urine, no infection..

    The discomfort is so bad and the burning sore pain that I can not concentrate above the
    feeling for weeks at a time..

    I cut down on tomatoes, citrus and acidic foods, that helps...
    I do not have IC that I know of and no urine infection..or bladder infection..

    Do any of you have this with your fms and mcs and cfs...I have all of those
    illnesses..and allergic to every antideppresant I have tried, and to most medications
    including over the counter ones..
    I have found 5htp to help with depression...the enteric coated 5htp..
    5o mg in the am , noon and at 4 pm with food..

    I would like to find some friends online with all these illnesses and problems taking medications and with food..I have not had a lot of testing done, due to finances..I have just figured out a lot on my own in the last 15 years...trial and error...

    One other question , do you have shortness of breath all the time due to fibromyalgia and cfs..
    I find it hard to get the breathe to talk to others for long..I have had heart tests
    and they show up okay...I hear that they do with cfs and fibro etc..they never look for
    anything beyond the normal heart routine the heart surgeons clinic..

  2. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Yes, I have been experiencing this for the past few weeks. It started for me when I had to have a pessary inserted to hold up my bladder and prolapsed uterus. They burning was so bad in the bladder and rectal areas that the doctor had to remove the pessary. The burning went away immediately. Now I am once againg suffering from the prolapses. My doctor said the pain is because of the fibromyalgia and the fact that the nerves are involed and sending pain signals.

    I am supposed to be taking neurontin for the nerve pain but will start on it tonight so I don't know if it's going to work. If it does, I can have the prolapse taken care of again. I hate to even try a new med because I've had bad luck with side effects in the past.

    Have you had your bladder checked for infection? As to the shortness of breath, I don't think that's what I'd call the way I feel when I get tired. I just feel very out of breath after a little exertion. Sometimes it's from bronchitis. Have you had a physical lately? I know it's frustrating going to doctors so much. I sure am tired of it. GB66
  3. shari1677

    shari1677 New Member

    I have had right-sided ovary/appendix/pelvic pain since my diagnosis. X-rays and labwork negative. I attribute it to my FM as does the doctor.

    I do have shortness of breath and I never attributed it to FM - I have gained an enormous amount of weight and thought it was just that, but, now I'm second guessing. Thanx for your comment!
  4. ellie5320

    ellie5320 New Member

    I have similar pain to this it is irritable bowel with me
  5. fibrosick20years

    fibrosick20years New Member

    Im allergic to most pain Meds and muscle relaxants, cant take any cox 2 inhibitors , anti inflammatory. and most medications including the life saving ones there for i look at my FM as a deadly disease waiting for it to take my life. i have high cholesterol and cant get near statins however on the other hand i can take some natural alternatives for instance from GNC phytoestrogen formula it helps many things like the IBS pain in my left lower Quadrant it prevents the episodes. from occurring. this is proven i know allot of people that just have IBS and it has helped them considerably medications for IBS didn't help as much as the phytoestrogen has helped them and I i believe its the NON GMO SOY ISOFLAVONE EXTRACT. Not sure why but wal-mart brands dont work for this pain. as for depression if i want to end my life ill take it but i fear god there fore i endure the pain and live on.. what i do is tell myself every time i feel sad and start crying. i am good i am alive i have food clean clothes and a home im in america and not a third world country. people love me i have had a good life i didn't starve at any point in my life as many starve to death.. can you imagine being in the street with this disease. and last but not least put in your mind that this is a chemical imbalance and you have no reason to be sad more than likely after saying this those feelings will go away no drug needed i wish all the other symptoms were this easy to control. that would be great to say i dont have pain and it go away or say i can breath then i can {LOL} when i started having PROBLEMS BREATHING it was after an allergic reaction to soma which was the last muscle relaxant i ever took. im sure its because our bodies dont heal like others do. the dr is sure its asthma which is what usually comes from an allergic reaction. but im allergic to asthma medication so i cant breath at all times it has changed my voice some what. sometimes i feel like i will suffocate to death guess one day i will. trial and error of medications is not the worst part of it i can take a drug for up to three years and become allergic to it just cause i took a generic form of it. thats when i almost kill myself not knowing what's causing the extra pain fever ect. DR is very hard to convince he dont understand that i can at any point in time become allergic to a drug. and im allergic to antiallergic meds im not allergic to hydrocodone but certain formulas i am so i can only take vicoprofen and lyrica and never in generic form im afraid of becoming allergic to these then i wont have anything to help with my pain...i cant take vicoden or lortab i even took percocet for two years and became allergic. they used to tell me that i was imagining it all. Today they dont tell me that sometimes i might go to a neurologist that will tell me its in my head and try to kill me with an antidepressant they think its the miracle cure and i cant be allergic to it take it and trust him whatever go to school do i look depressed or crazy. shoot they will make me depressed. and i hate when they tell me to exercise when it only makes me worse. have to take care of myself since they dont know much but i know my body for instance my body temp. is under normal misqitoes wont bite me is a plus... but its normal at 96 not 98 so when i run fever its at 98 which is a 100 degrees for a normal person..and i know the different types of thermometers. MISCHELLE Houston TX. any one like this?
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