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    I used the pendulum today...Finally used it for my supplements...everything I am taking is good for me EXCEPT 5HTP got a big fat NO for that so I stopped taking it...funny thing I haven't taken it in about 4 days and I have been feeling good too :) OOPs I DID test the Lyrica (haven't taken it yet have samples) and it was a negative response
    go figure

    I will try the prescriptions tomorrow I am wearing the P tonight to give it some energy

    I just told my husband how I tested my supps with the "P" and he told me I am become a "fruitcake" with all my psychic friend and all my spirtitual stuff he is so closed minded<br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 02/12/2008</i>]
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    Hiya all

    Glad to see diverse posts!!

    I have a pendulum here too, although it went missing for a year. It just resurfaced after a period of time. I put it up so that I use it thoughtfully.

    I felt the Universe was saying that I also needed to listen to my guides and ask for the right people and situations to manefest.

    The pendulum works on energy and since everything in the Universe is energy, your person, thoughts, everything.

    So remember what you think therefore so you are.

    I had a great book I think it is called Pendulum Magic, it talks on how to use the pendulum properly and what to ask and what not to ask. Lottery was on the not to ask list. Simply because if you rely on lotto then you are not trusting Universe to provide. It used to go haywire too when I would ask if it I woudl win at bingo lol Did not like that at all. Would shoot out of my hand loL!

    Hubby learned that one the hard way! ROFLMAO He wanted the numbers and he got some and played for 10 weeks on them and not a number hit! I said ya well that is where your faith lies. You got to start trusting more.

    I use mine if I am deciding things like what colours to paint the house or rooms, so that I have the best energy and things like that. I ask about past lives to get clues then meditate on what I am given to see what rings true.

    Great topic all!! XOX Brenda
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    I just use it for personal stuff
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    I've found it to be most reliable when asking questions about what my body will or will not tolerate.

    Lottery numbers would be wonderful. However, I've not enjoyed a lot of accuracy beyond physical health questions. But that might just be me.

    I consult the tarot for other questions about where a particular situation may be heading.

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    Because everyones energy is different so too is their frequency for est yes and no. It can change from week to week. I always ask for a yes or a no and maybe to make sure each reading can be as accurate as possible.

    It is an interesting tool to be sure but it is just a tool like a telephone. It opens lines of communication but the interpretation is up to the individual reading it.

    My g/f that is in her 50s asked if she was going to have kids lol omg it was too funny it told her YES!! She freaked. That was over 2 years ago and she has had 3 grandkids since then. So is it bang on? Not always there is always a bit of wiggle room lol!

    It can be quite funny! eheheheh

    Blessings Brenda xoxo
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    sceptically intersted in this! Most of me is really dismissive, yet I've had some curious experiences.

    First of all, I've had to conclude that I must be energy killer (ouch). I remember being at a baby shower LONG ago, and one young lady predicted the baby's sex with this method. In a jovial mood, she went on to play with it and tested different true/false questions on the rest of the guests. Everyone whether they "believed" or not, got a definite swing of the pendulum. When she got to me...NO movement. Frustrated, she tried several times, but no dice. Apparentlly I'm dead. We laughed, but I worried.

    I also have a friend who spent a few years getting treatments from Donna Eden (before she was $$) and she studied her methods, one of which was pendulum use. My friend felt it was very helpful and she tried to help me with it but I was a lost cause. Also, when I try to use one myself...NO movement.

    This next experience must be related also. Once, I visited the Oregon Vortex (purportedly one of the true scientific mysteries of the world). To demonstrate the gravitational anomalies we were about to experience, a guide would give a short talk just steps outside the "borderline" of the vortex area. They showed how if you held this L-shaped copper rod (inside a tube sleeve where you hold it), that the rod would rapidly spin a certain direction when you hold it, and as you walked toward the border (which was marked) it would slow down and then spin in opposite direction after you stepped OVER the border. It worked to everyone's astonishment for EVERYONE. When it was my turn, as soon as I held it, it spun in the OPPOSITE direction we were told to expect, and of course OPPOSITE when I crossed the "border". So, maybe my energy conductivity is not completely dead...just ODD.
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    From "The Hands of Light" by " Barbara Ann Brennan" book, Dr. John Pierrakos has found that a clockwise movement of the pendulum denotes a psychodynamically open chakra. That means that the feelings and psychological experiences which are governed by and flow through that chakra are well balance and full in that person's life.

    If the pendulum moves counterclockwise, that chakra is psychodynamically closed, indicating a problem area in it's corresponding psychological aspect. That means that the feelings and psychological experiences which are governed by a flow through that chakra are not balanced, because the energy is blocked, and probably the person has negative experiences associated with them.

    With a still pendulum where there is no movement at all, either the chakra is reversing its spin or the individual has so overused or held down and blocked the particular psychological functioning associated with this chakra that it has ceased to spin altogether and no longer metabolizes any energy from the Universal Energy Field. This is a state that, if continued for very long, will most assuredly result in disease, since the body cannot function healthily without being able to make use of outside energy.

    Oh gosh, there is so much more to it but I tried to give you some highlights. If you are an empathic healer then you can sense all of this and more with just your hands but that is another story. Hope this helps. P
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    I got mine from all kinds of spritual stuff there
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    I have been in a bit of a slump the pat two days wondering if my dr is trying to dismiss my FM or just adding more DX's.. he mentioned SAD and strated blaming my meds for symptoms yesterday.. So strated worryign that I may have to find a new dr if this one was starting to not believe in FM so I started using the P
    I asked if dr L believed in my FM? yes
    are DR L and I on the same page? Yes
    Does dr L think that I have SAD in addition to FM? YES
    does DR L honestly think I am on too many meds? YES

    so I guess he is just trying to maybe just save my liver ater all! LOL
    he decreased my ambien and increased my klonopin actually I felt a little better didn't have the gogginess for as long as I usually do

  10. Jane_Canuck

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    I got mine an d hubbys p off ebay. We became familiar with a seller over time that we felt we trusted. So When she had auctions up I argued with hubby about buying her p, she had one up I said lets buy it he stalled. I forced the issue late one night in the car. I said I completely believe her p is the one I am supposed to have. Just then the car lost all power on the highway and once he finally agree'd that I could buy it the car came back to life on its own!

    So I took that as I ought to buy it and I did. Then because it took so long to come in the mail, she sent me another one in fear it was lost. So I got both on the same day. Hubby has the second one.

    It was perfect all the way!!

    TYTY Brenda
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    I have been reading the posts on p's for awhile. The other day I started using a necklace with a small cross on the end and it worked great.

    Yesterday I purchased a real one. Have been so intrigued by it I took it to my girlfriend's last night. It was doing weird things while she was trying to use it. Basically said it did not like anyone else using it. When I took it back and asked a ?, it started swinging really hard.

    Amazing, I am really intrigued by it. Thanks everyone!

  12. mujuer

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    If you do suffer from S.A.D. I would highly recommend the light treatment. They sell one here at the prohealth store. I live in the Pac Northwest where we get so little sun and my husband bought the visor for me and I love it. It really helps. P
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    I have a tanning bed will that do it?? I have been getting in there once in awhile, but I had a break out from milk (allergic to it) and my face got burned so I haven't been in it in about a week... sometimes aaI am just too tired to undress to get in it! LOL guess I don't have to...just the warmth feels good
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    I never thought of naming my P!! hmm I will have to think of something meaningful I woukld like to name it after my mom but is that not a good thing? should I make up a name or does it matter?? LOL

    Thanks sweetie!!
    have a restful night ((jam))
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    bobby lou dad was robert and mom was patricia lou so I will use their names Bobbylou it is :)

    Tomorrow I will ask Bobbylou if she likes her name :)

    is it ok to have more than one pendulum???
    <br>[<i>This Message was Edited on 02/15/2008</i>]
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    After reading this I now want a pendulum. I love stuff like that.

    I am close with a medidation center nearby. They gave me a meditation CD from Wai Lane that is the best I've ever heard. Breathing then a meditation. You can google Wai Lane and find it.

    I also was given "Joppa beads" by them. You say a series of words on ever one of the beads (108 beads total, I think). The people who use these beads are sooo melllow. The good thing about them is that your mind must come back to remeber the words, so it prevents the mind from straying.

    The words are Govinda, Gopala, Rama, Madonna, Mohanna.

    The people I know who use them regularly a lot, are a real inspiration.

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    lol naming your "p" that is too funny others would think of it or so I thought as I was reading this, and then I heard D'UH, you named yours. Then I said omg forgot, what did I name it! So by then end of the post here I remembered! I named her Penny.

    Funny how the brain farts work with this dd lol!
  18. hannahfaid

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    I asked bobbylou of she liked her name and the yes response was going to go flying ! the response was very strong
    I was also asking if my parents (deceased) were with me YES
    did they love me YES
    were they proud of me YES
    did they know I love them YES

    I asked if my dogs were healthy (each one separate questions) YES

    all the responces were very strong today especially about my mom and dad the P was just swinging so high
    helps to knwo these things I still miss and grieve for my mom and dad a lot
  19. hannahfaid

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    they are honest friens I have recived answers I didn't like :( oh well better to know the truth right?
  20. hannahfaid

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    ok I asked bobbylou about "bananas" had 2 drs tells me I couldn't eat them (muscle testing) I LOVE today while grocery shopping I bought 2.... came hope grabbbed bobbylou and asked are these bananas good for me?? YES!! yippee opened that banana and gobbled it up!! best banana I ever had!!

    also asked if my husband would be working full time by March NO

    by april yes

    his med office dropped him down to part time about a month ago so hopefully he will be working either full time again with them or full time somewhere else.. I have to sit down and ask her some better detailed q's but its a start