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    some of us have talked about pendulum work/dowsing over the yrs here and not recently...a friend brought this link to my attention as Mr. Grace was on Coast to Coast the other night and she listens to coast to coast all the time.

    She and I both do muscle testing, pendulum work and other forms of "testing" the body's energy.

    Just last night I asked if taking Wobenzym along with Anatabloc would speed up inflammation reduction in my body and it said it's Anatabloc only.

    It's amazing and so often works....the outcomes of the
    predictions do come out as the pendulum said it would..

    This is a good site if anyone is interested:

    I know my body and the pain I live with, a lot of it structural from spinal stenosis and spondylothesis, probably born with spondy....and SS came roaring on after hip replacement....

    I asked if I would ever be totally out of pain, and I got a NO...I knew that before asking due to the structural issues...

    Then I asked would I be out of a lot of pain due to Anataloc and I got a YES.... [

    Over the years here Rainbow and I worked with the pendulum a lot, she has not been on the boards for some time, I miss her energy. Hope all is well with her...I know she was involved in the fracking stuff but I do miss her here. We exchanged a lot of our work to kinda validate our answers....

    I know Mikie got interested a while back and we chatted a lot about it, but haven't brought it up recently.... and Mary does muscle testing which I do also.

    One can do long distance work too. [This Message was Edited on 02/05/2013]