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  1. penelopejones

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    To anyone out there that is coping with "anger" about their current situation......How? Hope to hear from you..
    How not to let it affect your relationship......?
  2. danisue22

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    Hi There, I must say I think we all have some anger,It's a naturally response to what we have to deal with,whether it be trying to take care of others or trying to take care of ourselves with some kind of desease.I know I am angry at the fact that for years I took care of a mentally ill daughter, raised her children ect and now I'm sick and it makes me angry when I see myself losing the ability to do some things that I use to be able to do.It's hard to watch those you love be sick and it's hard when you are sick to.Most of the time I'm pretty positive but I must say there are days when I'm really angry about the situation as well. God bless Danisue