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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by volvo, Nov 9, 2005.

  1. volvo

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    I just want to thank all those that answered my message. As i am a mew member i found this really touching.
    Also that there are two members from england if not more.

    When i first found out, hospital said give up work which i did they said i would never work again. I proved them wrong as i am back working

    One thing i would say to all of you out there, if you are given medication and it doesnt suit you dont stick with it for 6 months like i did as the damage was donr i put on a stone!!! Amptitripline of a night.

    Take care volvo
  2. orachel

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    I'm so glad you're a new member who's finding some solace here! Its been absolutely priceless for me!

    And you're back to work? Amazing!!! Good for you. People like you are what give me hope. I'm 30, just had to start using a cane, and am about to file for Social Security benefits here in the states.

    Lots more than 3 members from the UK....Do you know Snowygirl? She's just back to work TODAY for the first time in a while, and she's overthere on your end of the pond! Very very sweet lady!

    Amititripline is Elavil, right? If so, it ended me in Emergency Room...wretched stuff! LOL

    And people here are really amazing about reaching out if you need help. But the board does move really fast, and many of us are VERY foggy, so if you ever don't get the answers you need, and your post ends up on page 2 or 3, just reply to your own post with "Bump"...this will move you back to page one for some more replies.

    Congratulations on returning to work! I'm sure Snowy would love to hear from a new member also in the UK who knows what its like to get back to work after an extended absence. She was hopeful about it, but also a bit scared, naturally. Also, she works for a hospital, so there's that stress!

    Glad you're with us!
    Have a good day!
  3. Shannonsparkles

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    Good to have you with us. :) We get several UK people in the chat rooms pretty often too, if you want to check it out.
  4. volvo

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    hi volvo
  5. volvo

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    thanks for your reply willow.

    Speak to other people and you will find they have put on weight, not all is lost as there are plenty of other meds to try.

    I am so relieved that i have pothidan and really dont know how back in the day i survived without it working and having fibro, didnt know then that it was fm. Just knew i felt dreadful.

    Good luck from england

  6. volvo

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    hi there

    Thanks for lovely reply.

    Poor you ending up in hospital.
    What med are you on now?

    I dont know how to go into bump i tried last night like you said but it didnt work, all it did was send myself a message!

    Back in the day i was a wreck 12 years ago with fm, didnt know then, i think its awful in the begining all you no is you feel so ill and sick and tired of going back and forh to the hospitals and docs and being prodded and poked. It ddnt even dawn on me then that there was book on it! When my step mum in oz sent me a book it was like i had won a gold medal and that was the begining of my strength.

    nice tal;king to you