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    I was just wondering what everyone thinks of the new no smoking in public law?
    I mean I am a smoker..Thinking about quitting but I don't feel it's because I want to so I don't think it will work...
    This law goes into effect tomorrow in the state of Ohio. But I was wondering about it.Does this mean you can't smoke in your car if your care is in a public parking lot?
    I mean the way it's stated you can't smoke within 30 feet of an enclosed building..For those of us that work down town can we smoke in our car or are we going to be fined?

    Another thing..Don't you think they should make the stop smoking aids free since they made this law?
    A little bit confused on this law..Not wanting to pay a fine but not sure I can quit because it seems like they are trying to force us too..

    Sorry this is so long...
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    Truck drivers also on no smoking laws in Ohio. It is okay if you are a owner-operator and do not employee someone that might drive it now and then.A trucker can not smoke in a rig owned by soemone else. Exempt are family members.

    A trucker coming from another state is okay....unless the company has ever done business in Ohio.
    I am curious how they are going to enforce and also know who to stop and is Hiway troopers supposed to? I have some ideas how they can do this. But all os time consuming. Law was passed but misleading on what the law meant.

    I wondered how close to a building you could be. First I heard of it. Thanks for letting us know.......
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    I don't smoke but I agree that the law is confusing. Surely you can smoke in your own car since that only exposes you to the smoke.

    I was surprised to read about the truckers not allowed to smoke in company rigs but I guess it makes sense if it shared by a non-smoker. The article I read said that enforcement would only occur if someone complained.

    Of course there has been a ban in Columbus for some time. As a non-smoker who is finally well enough to go out again I look forward to going to a sports bar in my own town and being able to breath, not to mention not having my clothes stink.

    Good luck to all of you who are trying to kick the habit.

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    In Alberta, Canada, we have had smoking bans for a long time. As of 2006, however, it went even further. No smoking in bars, casinos, restaurants etc. It used to be in public buildings only.

    I used to work for Legal Aid a few years ago, and when the first bans came out, I was talking to a few of the lawyers. They were all smokers. Told them, there would come a time when people will be put in jail or fined for smoking.

    People who live in Seniors Lodges and Nursing Homes aren't allowed to smoke, nor peoplein hospitals. They have to go outside to smoke. Somedays, like today, when it is going to be 38 above, it is ok, but it can't be fun when it is -30 below zero.

    I am sure they can't stop you from smoking in your own car. At the hospital, they have picnic tables with tin cans on them, just for the smokers - of course, they are outside.

    I think they ARE trying to force people to stop smoking. People under the age of 18 cannot buy cigarettes here either. They need to show ID if asked. I don't really think it helps that much, as kids are pretty resourceful.
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    I'm new to this message board, but, thought I'd share this. In Nevada, they have just passed a law that says you can't smoke in any place that serves food except, of course, a casino. Problem here is that there are lots and lots of pubs (almost like your corner tavern back east). You can have a drink, order food, and sit at the bar and play video slots. Well, now all these places have to decide if they are going to stop selling food and become a "bar", or if they are going to tell all their regulars they can't smoke there anymore. A group of pub owners have gone to court in Las Vegas and have a temp injection for 15 days to stop to law going into affect here, saying it's unconsititional. Don't know what's going to happen. My feeling is that I don't care is someone smokes, it's just when they sit next to me and all their smoke goes in my nose due to the way the air is circulating. What do I do. I get up and move someplace else.
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    Last night a neighbor got fined $45.00 for smoking on the sidewalk!!
    I am still thinking about quitting. Make it easier on myself.
    I was going to scan the law and put it on here but it would be very long. If you guys want to see it let me know. It is very confusing!! You are also not allowed to smoke in your house if you babysit.I dont babysit but it is just stated weird.
    I heard they are also going to pass a law that if you are driving with children under the age of 12 and caught smoking you will get a fine.
    I'm not saying it's a bad law even though I smoke but I think they should have defined it more clearly when they were tryiong to pass it. I heard on the news that some people were confused when they were voting and actually voted the wrong way because of the way the bill was written!!
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    I quit smoking 3 years ago, BUT, believe there should be concessions for smokers,also. Eating establishments, in our city are made to have separate rooms, complete with the best in air filitering equipment. When eating in the non-smoking areas, I don't smell smoke.

    Bars still allow smoking. There are many, many, places where smoking is not accepted. Bars are bars. If people don't like the smoke, there are many other options available to them, than to smokers. I would suggest using those facilites.

    I believe non-smokers, people with allergies, anyone etc., should not have to tolerate smoking. That is possible, for them now. I also strongly believe that we are having many rights taken away, including those that have nothing to do with smoking. If it affects people in the privacy of their own home,etc.,to me, we have lost personal freedoms.

    It's wonderful if other's quit smoking. However, that has to come when each individual wants to quit. The same for those who need to quit drinking.

    I am happy I quit. I do believe there are many more options, for non smokers, with more being put in place, and that is how it should be. For those who do smoke there are personal rights being taken away. If you are not affecting anothers right to breathe clean air; smokers also have rights of what to do in their personal domains. As well as in the establishments who are exempt from the no smoking law.

    Other's can disagree. Another one of our personal freedoms. This is all I will say on the subject.

    Hugs to non smokers and smokers,


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