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    I know all of you that know me know about my horses. I know that I shared with you that I was buying a spotted saddle horse from this professional trainer. Well, he was financing him for us and he has been really great up until the day before yesterday that is. Well, let me not jump ahead.

    During this past month I had been going over there every day and working with this horse. He is so awesome now, he wasn't so when I first started working with him. When I first started working with him he wouldn't even step in a mudhole, I got him to swim through a river with me on him. He'll go right through a creek or stream without hesitating now. I taught him to neck rein. I set his head. I got him into his gait. (he is a gaited horse, which means he has a smooth ride). He was rough when I first started riding him cause kids had rode him and let him do whatever. It took me a good week to get him to stay in gait. I got him to jumping and he would jump logs that came up to his chest. He was a small horse with a great big heart. I taught him to go from a racking gait to a canter then back to a rack without breaking his gait. I had this special signal that only I knew and he did it for me.

    I poured my heart into this horse. I talked to Randy and he knew all about my injury to my ribs and that I was off work. When I was ready to go back my company didn't have anything for me. Then I got a job with the company his step son works for driving locally. I talked to him throughout this whole thing. I offered to pay more than what he charged me since I was taking longer to pay for him, he said no. When I knew I wasn't gonna be able to pay for him in the 2 weeks we originally agreed on hubby told him that if he had to sell the horse we would understand, he said no. He told me that he wouldn't dream of taking that horse away from me because we had bonded so much. He said seeing us together made his job worthwhile. He said he would work with me as long as I worked with him.

    We went over there and fed his horses for him several times. He has 40 stalls so it is a job. My son went over there and helped them clean out stalls. We cleaned saddles. Hubby spent 2 days over there mowing and cleaning the stables with Randy's boys. We helped groom horses. I wanted him to know that we appreciated him doing this for us and we never charged him a dime.

    I told him last Saturday that I finally went full time at the new job and that I would pay him some money out of my first check. He said great. Then Thursday we were on our way over there to pay him some money when my friend Tammy called me. She is the one who took us over there to begin with. She said she hated to be in the middle but that Randy told her that if we didn't have $500 to put on Bandit (the horse) that he was going to tell us we had to do something else.

    I couldn't believe it. I had already put $100 on him and I had another $100. I told Tammy I really couldn't afford that until I got caught up but I was making sure that I paid him something. I got very upset. I finally had hubby call Randy and he confirmed it. Hubby told him we didn't have $500, we only had $100 but we were going to pay for the horse. He said he would go broke if he did that and that we needed to keep our word. Hubby told him we had kept our word and we had told him the situation all along and he was the one who was changing things.

    Randy was adamant about the $500 and hubby was adamant that we didn't have it. Randy said we owed him another $110 for shoeing 2 horses although he only shod one of our horses for $65 that he put on the balance of my horse. Hubby didn't even mention all the work we did but told him that we thought we had made a friend in him. Hubby stayed calm but he ended up having to hang up on Randy.

    It is really strange cause we were going on trail rides with them and to horse shows and he would ask us to go to Huddle House or Waffle House after the shows. He also invited us to watch him in his last wrestling match and even had us ride with him and Wendy down there. The day before this happened I didn't go to the stable cause I was very tired from work and I wanted to work with my Walking Horse. The day before that we were over there and everything was great and that's the day I told him I'd be giving him some money Friday. I was actually heading over there a day early cause I got paid a day early. I didn't even get a full weeks check. It was only for 3 days and was a little over $400.

    I've spent over a month training that little horse. He was charging us $1500 and he wasn't worth that when I bought him because of the level he was at but now he is at least a $2500 horse because of all I have him doing. Randy charges $400 a month to train horses. Really, he owes me money. Tammy is upset because she can't believe he did this to us. He financed a horse for her and she paid $20-100 or whatever she had to pay until he was paid for and there was never a problem. She did say that before he told her what he was going to tell us that his wife Wendy came down to the stable and was griping him out about money.

    I figure he has someone else who is wanting the horse. I have made him a great little horse. He gave me his heart though and I don't know if he'll do everything for someone else. He probably will cause he is a great horse but it is killing me. I just keep playing it over and over in my mind and I know we didn't do anything wrong. Randy had even given my son a dog and told Tammy to tell me to bring him with me to the barn so that he could work with him on another horse. My son thought of Randy as his hero. Now he is heartbroken. I am just hurt.

    My friend Tammy feels so bad about all of it. She has a horse she was going to sell and she is bringing it over here today to see if we like him. She said she would take $600 for us ($1000 for anyone else) and we can pay her whenever we can whatever we can. My son wants a horse so bad and she says he is a really good horse. She needs to sell him so I probably will take him. She has too many horses on her small acreage and is having a hard time keeping weight on a few of them. He isn't one of them but I know one less horse will help her and I have an extra stall.

    I am just so upset over it cause I hate being wrongfully acused of anything. I also loved that horse and I know he loved me. Randy just didn't lose that money from me though. We weren't going to let anyone else shoe our horses. It's $65 each time. I was also looking at the horse he had my son working with for him and I was going to pay him to train my walking horse and after my walking horse was padded up I was going to board him over there so I would have a level place to ride him. He doesn't understand that once I am back on track, which won't take long now that I am back at work, I would have spent a lot of money with him.

    It is more than that though. I am usually such a good judge of charecter and I feel like I misjudged him and that worries me. I have always trusted my gut instinct. Even still I don't know.

    Sorry this is such a long post but I needed to let this all out. I am mourning the loss of my horse. I am also mourning the loss of all the times we would have over there and what my son was robbed of. I was just starting to get him to see how much fun it was. I hope this doesn't turn him away from horses. Right now it doesn't seem to have.

    I don't know. I am just frustrated. Thanks for listening.
    Life is what you make of it with what God gives you.

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