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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by painterZ, Dec 10, 2008.

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    Has anyone heard or dealt with the program People to People before? Apparently my daughter was "selected" to go overseas for 20 days because of her academic excellence. Last year she was "selected" because of her sports excellence. I think it's a crock!! Of course my ex and ex-MIL (who has custody) want my daughter to go. She's 11 years old!! My daughter was "invited" to go to Amsterdam and help improve her "leadership qualities". It costs over $6000 to go AND more importantly it doesn't have a good track record. I've found that people have had children "selected" when the child is deceased. It's simple to get anyone "nominated" just type in your name or belong to a public program. Children have died because medical care wasn't given to them. What about terrorist attacks?? I'm freakin' out here!!

    I'm hoping someone has a positive story to tell because I have no legal power to stop them from sending my daughter overseas. Any info you could give would be really appreciated.

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    Here is some info from someone on Yahoo
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    I wouldnt let my 11 year old daughter go there - thats a long way from home and its not like she's going with her school.

    The fact that you've raised questions is enough to say NO WAY!!!!!

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    I appreciate your replys.

    My hands are tied at this point...all I can do is pray that my ex and his mother realize the dangers this idea poses.

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    Could be a lot of fun for her. Eleven seems pretty young though. I wonder if she could meet another kid, and the parents, who is planning to make the trip. Having at least one "friend" might be good thing.

    Make sure, of course, that it really is People to People International and not a copycat using a similar name.

    For $6000 I wonder if some other established program might be a better deal and more educational. I imagine that a summer at Cambridge might cost the same. I would be concerned that the program might be mainly contact just with other American kids, and lacking in contact with real people in other cultures. Just American children learning to lead other American children doesn't sound very cultural.

    (Personally, of course, for that money I would just go with the kid on a vacation. Or leave the kid at home?:)

    As I recall, Atlantic magazine has legitimate ads at the back for various educational programs.

    I guess a lot depends on the individuals, adults and fellow students, in a particular trip.
    A bully in the group might be a real pain. Maybe some great kids would make it a lot of fun, too.

    Make sure that she has an international telephone card with her.

    Anyhow, the chances that anything serious might happen to her are truly slim, and perhaps less than just staying home. Lordy, being a mommy not easy! I sure it will turn out OK. Wishing you and your daughter well, mr Bill

    Make sure she has a camera, of course!

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    I'm a self-proclaimed pessimist and worry-wort but the more I find out about this the more anxious I become. I don't trust anyone...expecially my ex-husband and ex-mil and their decisions. Ya'll know the issues with that perv and his "mommy". If she was 14 years old or so I would consider it...maybe...but not at 11. In this state she just now became "legal" to stay home alone and that's for a limited period of time. Even the state of the world at this point and time has me concerned. What if something happened and she wasn't able to get home? How would we reach her during a disaster? I'm just not convinced. Let her explore the world when she's got a little more life experience under her belt. Why do they feel like rushing things? Although she'll deny it she's still a "baby" baby. Send her to summer camp for Lord's sake. Crazy!