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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by CarolynAnne, Sep 28, 2006.

  1. CarolynAnne

    CarolynAnne New Member

    Just curious... Does anyone run into the same situation I am in. As with all of us, we have compromised immune systems.

    I work a 40 hour a week job that includes alot of meetings. I was just in a meeting where the person next to me was basically coughing up a lung and probably used 5 tissues in a 1/2 hour. In all honesty he probably should have stayed home - however this senior leader prides himself on not taking a sick day in 24 years. Could you imagine!

    I needed to be in this meeting, and could not leave due to my part. The room was so small all I could do was come back to my office and Purel my hands and take a Vitamin C tablet. I take my vitamins and Amatadine to deal with flu/colds - but I still get scared.

    I have recently crashed for 4 days, and I am just starting to feel better. I have not told many people about having CFS in my office. However my boss knows and will work with me when I need to be out of the office.

    Does anyone else have this challenge at work?
  2. cherylsue

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    When I am in remission I work full time in a school. Last year ProBoost (sold here at ProHealth) and Sambucol Elderberry Extract got me through the school year. I relapsed in July, but I had cut down on my supplements. I should have continued them. Nasty stuff goes around in the summertime, too.

    Hope this helps.

  3. pam_d

    pam_d New Member

    Wash your hands---a lot!

    When I was being treated for leukemia in the spring and summer, the chemo would kill my bone marrow while killing the cancer---instead of a compromised immune system, I had NO immune system.

    When I was home and not in the hospital, my family & I would wash our hands with antibacterial soap constantly. I was sick with leukemia for months, but no one in the family ever caught a cold in that time (my husband's seldom sick, but my daughter in high school averaged a cold every 2-3 months---amazingly she stayed well). This was great, because something as simple as a cold could've been life-threatening for me at that point.

    I'm back a work now, and work with little kids---now there's a source of endless germs! I'm less vulnerable now, of course, but I still don't want to get colds and flus. I brought a bottle of foam anti-bacterial soap for the kids to use, and they love the foam! It prompts them to wash hands a lot.

    I continue to wash my hands a LOT, and I hope it helps. It really did seem to keep me well when I needed it.

    BTW, I hate the whole idea about coming to work/school when you are sick, like this senior exec you spoke of!! My daughter's elementary school, I remember, got rid of their annual award for "perfect attendance" because too many parents were sending their kids when they should NOT have been at school infecting others, but home in bed!

    Stay well!!


  4. Chelz

    Chelz New Member

    I work at a hospital in the medical records department. I only work part time about 30 hours a week, so at least I'm not there 40 hours a week.

    There are sick employees all the time, coughing and hacking there way around the hospital, touching elevator buttons, handrails, you name it.

    The other day I was in the elevator with a psychiatrist and she told me she felt guilty for being in there with me because she was so sick with a cold. I just waled to the back of the elevator.

    Needless to say, I caught a cold. And with my fibro, colds tend to flare me up pretty bad. I called my boss on Tuesday and stayed home, luckily I have a pretty good boss and she doesn't make you feel guility for staying home.

    I also do not have my own desk, so I have to share desks with co-workers, sometimes they laugh when they notice how much I wipe down telephones, computer keyboards, if they ONLY KNEW, LOL.

    Yes, It is a problem this time of the year, but I need this job.

    PS. Buy a large bag of Coldeeze at the drugstore and keep it on hand from September through April, and take it at the FIRST SIGN of a cold. Since I have been taking Coldeeze my colds are cut in half and I don't feel as bad. Sorry, long e-mail. Hugs, Chelz.
  5. mary124

    mary124 New Member

    Yes, I think we all face that, Where I work at, if you don't use your sick time for 6 months you get a bonus day! But come on people! if you are sick you are sick and don't give it to others!! There is one lady here who snorts and coughs all day long (I'm right around the corner from her) its a wonder that we all don't get sick too.) I can't really take anything due to my heart medications, so if I get sick, I have to go to the doctors and put on antibotics so that is time off from work, plus doctors and medications.
    As it is, I'm off enough with all the other doctors appointments that I have!! Lucky for me, my boss lets me work around them so I don't have to use any leave.
  6. KMD90603

    KMD90603 New Member

    I can definitely relate to being afraid of being around sick people. But, it sounds like you did the right thing by washing your hands as soon as you got back to your office. Also, the fact that you are taking vitamins will help to give your immune system that extra boost.

    I work in a hospital, so being around sick people is unavoidable. Even in school (I'm in nursing school), there's always other students coming in sick. I do my best to avoid it and to make sure I'm always washing my hands and keeping them away from my face. But, my immune system is very poor, so I'm always catching things that are going around.

    Gentle hugs,

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