People with Fibro should be aware of IRON HEMOCHROMOTOSIS

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by willruthie1965, Mar 15, 2009.

  1. I have been sick for 3 years. Some may remember me I use to post all the time. I got very sick in the past year. Losing hair, more pain in my joints than normal. Started sleeping about 14 hours a day. THe main thing was my brain. I coudn't think at all.

    Well I just found out that My iron is very high. This can make you very sick. There are articles about how people with Fibro actually had HEMOCHROMOTOSIS.

    Once you have this the destruction of your body doesn't go away. If you get rid of the iron through phlembotomy it will preven any furhter damage. It can takes years to remove enough iron.

    I was sick before the blood test was positve.So I know that I have fibro also but when something different starts to happen,we need not always assume it's the fibro.

    By the way My court date is 4-2-09 Wish me luck.
  2. hensue

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    My doc says he has tested and it is fine, can you tell me exactly what kind of test they do? I know it is blood but as long as i can remember.
    On my test results my iron is high
    Good luck on your court date!
    I am being reconsidered need to get my ducks in a row
  3. Giving blood is exactly what they do to correct this. Ask your doctor about donating. They did a study and found out people who give blood are healthier.

    DId your doctor try to find out why your iron was high? He should investigate it. It causes alot of problems. LOOK up hemochromotosis.
  4. That I was sick for 2 years with fibro before this iron overload showed up. I don't want anyone to think, that I am saying that you don't have fibro, you have iron overload. I know many people who have fibro,my hubby included.
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    thats funny you posted about this right now as it was on my mind because I am re-reading the book "survival of the sickest" by sharon moalem a scientist
    and moalem has hemachromotosis and the book goes into how lots of illnesses from an evolutionary standpoint used to serve a purpose and if we can understand how they tie into the past we can learn what to do about it in the present. I thought it was interesting that hemachromtosis seems to be another one of those issues that should be ruled our for cfs or fms diagnosed folks that perhaps isnt always. I wonder how many obscure things there are that they routinely don't test us for, overwhelming when i think about it that way.

    I told a friend about this and they said hemachromatosis was just on the tv show "house" as well, so there ya go, words getting out all around.

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