People with itchy skin, see this!

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  1. silky17

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    Lately I have had some real itchy skin, then I started noticing red bumps like I was getting bit by something. I thought it must be fleas. But, I can't find them on my dog and anywhere in the house.

    So I decided to research what kind of bugs I could be getting bit with. So i happen to come up with this site. Has anyone ever heard of this? Anyone in Florda especially.

    I found a site that discusses a disease called Morgellons. Someone who likes to research check it out and tell me if you ahve heard of it. It talks about sufferers who have it likely have CFS or FIBRO. It doesn't sound to promising when it comes down to the itching.

    Its driving me crazy! Help.I hate to itch.

    Thanks all,
  2. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    How did you find it. I checked Mayo Clinic sight .They do not list it.I would like to read about it but cant find it anywhere.

    How did you type it in to start your search?

    Thanks Sue
  3. mjgkennedy

    mjgkennedy New Member

    All my life I have suffered itching and used to come up in the odd itchy red lump that looked like a bite.

    For the past year I seem to be having them nearly all the time. I also thought my little dog had fleas and he hasnt.

    I also did some research on the net. I came up with a for of Ezcema called Angieoedema. I realize now I am allergic to dairy, yeast and also suffer from Chemical sensitivities.

    I avoisd dairy but unfortunately love chocolate and get these red lumps when I eat Dairy chocolate but am okey on Plain Organic Chocolate. Anything which contains Yeast also brings me out and makes my Candida worse.

    I have changed my diet and have found Benadyrl cream great for the itch. Tea Tree is also great but be careful to dilute it as it burns a bit.

    Hope you get relief as I realize what you are going through. There is nothing worse than being itchy all the time.

  4. smiffy79

    smiffy79 New Member

    i have just treated my house as i was certain my dogs had fleas.
    i had two itchy red bumps but couldnt find evidence of fleas.

    ah well its done now.
  5. Bruin63

    Bruin63 Member

    When I was in my 20's that started. I had no pets at the time, and it seemed like they would appear, when I was cleaning house, or when I was in a stressful situation.

    One was on my thigh, and the other on my arm. It did look like a bite. Then later in life, I got a few events where I had a bunch of them erupt on my arms and my body, the midiff mostly.

    After I was dx with FMS, and I was reading Dr. Starlanys website, and printing out some of her Information sheets.
    I found that people with FMS are prone to Histamine Problems.

    My Rheumy, Dr. put me on Vistril, on my first visit, because of the mystery rashes, and also because, any thing that flie and Bite, Mosquitos, and Deer/Black Flies, leave a Huge Bulls Eye Lump, and then it scars when it goes away.

    You can find some information on Skin problems at her website.
    Look under "What Your ENT/ALLERGIST Should Know",

    I was sure surprised, about the Histamine, but it did answer a lot of Questions for me.

    I had never been allergic to things, then in my late 20's it started, and I got bad reactions to more and more things, now I know why.

    My Vistril is a Blessing to me, I still get itchy eyes now and then, but that's if I went to long in between my Vistirl dose's.

  6. moonlightkitty

    moonlightkitty New Member

    That Morgellons site is interesting, I've never heard of it. You'd think we would have by now if it's a possible trigger for CFS/FMS and brain dysfunction.

    I don't have anything that looks like that, but I do itch a lot. When I used to read about the guai protocol, I remember Dr St Amand wrote that the itching was phosphoric acid coming up to the surface.

    Whether or not you believe his theories, I think some of us might itch from toxins or acidic substances coming out through our skin. Could lactic acid do that maybe?
  7. sleepyinlalaland

    sleepyinlalaland New Member

    I looked up Morgellens several weeks ago, and the some of the stuff on-line was SO weired....I suspected it must be one of those urban-myth kinda things.

    Well, it still may be (I need PROOF...I have FM and I don't even believe in that!). Anyway, if you put Morgellons (sp?) and the word myth behind it into Google, there's an especially interesting article (that also has no answers) titled "medical Mystery: Delusional Parasitosis". I don't know what to make of it, but as a sufferer of something that few believe in I feel for people thus afflicted, "real" or not.

    If you look it up with the words I suggested, article should come up about third from top.
  8. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    In the search engine on Google I put in Morgellons disease.
    That is how I found it. I have been suffering from this itch , so I started lokking for answers this is where I found it. It doesn't have any support through the medical board as of yet. Here is the address,

    Good luck
  9. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    I have no idea if lactic acid could surface. But I sure thought it was interesting the replies I have recieved and how so many suffer from the same thing.

    Just maybe all of us can bring to light something more for them to find an answer. I believe our bodies for some reason is "miss firing" Like it is confused.Somewhere along our life something has went wrong and we can't find the reasoning so we get sick or sicker. I also believe it has something to do with all the electronic feilds we deal with such as ...computers, Tv phones etc. New and bigger things.

    What do some of you others think? Thanks for all the responses. Brainstorming is where healing begins.
  10. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    This thread, no pun intended, does NOT make me want to research the Morgellons. It sounds scary. :~)
  11. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    Bump it up!
  12. Rose_Red

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    OK - I am totally and completely GROSSED OUT!!!!!!!!!

    That is not what I needed to see with my morning coffee!

    I'm too busy skeeving at the moment to even tell if this has any relevance.

  13. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    Please let me know
  14. Toga

    Toga Member

    and a few years ago it became chronic. My hands were so bad they were bleeding.

    This was before I was dx'd with FM.

    I made several visits to a Dermatologist. Every cream they rx'd just made it worse.

    I finally agreed to skin tests. I'm allergic to all kinds of chemicals including the creams they had rx'd. She gave me an rx for Pramosone Cream. It worked.

    I have to avoid all kinds of things and at first, it seemed like it was so complicated but now its easy. I just don't put anything on my skin that isn't hypoallergenic and never dip my hands in any cleaning product without gloves. I even carry my own hand soap to use in public restrooms.

    I do believe it is all connected to FM though. My skin used to be tough as leather but no more.

  15. Francey54

    Francey54 New Member

    Hi Silky:

    I thought I was the only one. I sratch my back, my arms and most everything else all day long. IT drives me crazy. I was thinking of seeing a dermatlogist because it has gotten really bad.

    Would like to know more about Morgellons. I am going to research.

    Hope you find relief and all the rest of us too.

    Scratchy Francey
  16. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    Living in ariz probably doesn't help these problems. I have gotten more of the little rad patches that look like a bite still. I have tried to see if it will go away. Lord knows I need another co-pay.

    Thank you guys for your responses and making me feel like I am not alone. The Morgellons thing I thought was very interesting and I was sure some of you would like to know too.

    I have been down a bit with all this trying to survive stuff. But.........I still have a roof over my head and all I need to think about is the poor people who have had to deal with mother nature. I give them all the blessing and prayers I can send their way. I am hoping that more good comes out of it than what they have had to deal with. God Bless them all. If I could have, I would have loved to volunteer my help.

    Good night all,
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  17. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    I take it day to day with my illness as well as you I suppose. I read your Bio and not sure if its new or what . I hope all is well with the new baby.

    I noticed that you would like to paint as well as I. I am a Pisces and I love to be creative. I have also wanted to try to do some pottery. I thought that was pretty cool we have the same interests.

    I have a grandson that is 2yrs 8 mths old. Lately he has been a pistol. But the light of my life. My daughter wants me to babysit alot but it wears me out big time. Oh well, I am glad she did have him after all. The daddy does not help at all, so you can see what the discussion was prior to his birth. He is a living doll.

    Thank you for asking how I am feeling. I am glad you missed all the damage and distruction of your home and your lives. Peace be with you and yours and God bless.


  18. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    Hi, I'm new to this site, but I have had those itching, burning bumps for almost 3 yrs. I thought they were bites, too, but nobody else in the family was being bitten and some arose in very well-covered places... I thought hives, too, but no antihistamines have helped and they don't just go away- they sort of turn purple as they flatten and fade away slowly. Anyway, within the last month, I started getting tiny purple dots (petichiae) that would be arranged in sort of a line or larger ones, very deep-bruisy-looking places where I'd had no injury. No pain or itchiness associated with the dark ones- just very obvious and disconcerting. Yesterday, I saw the dermatologist who diagnosed "Urticarial Vasculitis". I'm not sure if this is similar to what you are experiencing, but after research, i have found that Vasculitis of smaller vessels creates a joint pain that sounds much like pains that I have attributed to FM and I don't quite know what to do next- anyone else have vasculitis? Has it manifested similarly? If you continue having these lesions, I would have them biopsied.
  19. silky17

    silky17 New Member

    I don't have anything simuliar to that. But I am glad you got yours narrowd down. I believe mine is coming from bites.

    I have been watering my lawn to much and I suppose it could be that. To many critters coming to the place to quinch there thirst. Hahahahahaha

    I guess if you water your lawn to much that you also get mushrooms growing. I have had about 6 or 7 lately. So I am turning down the sprinklers. :( I love the beautiful green yard. Here in Ariz we don't see much of that except people who water alot.

    Good luck with your diagnosis.

  20. LollieBoo

    LollieBoo New Member

    So do you have the "fibers" in these itchy bumps? That would seem to make it clear if it was Morgellons or not.
    I would still think that a biopsy would help to identify the offending critter- or if you have a particular sensitivity to something common in your yard or home. Good luck- I know that itching alone can be maddening, but with the FM symptoms, etc. it can be the proverbial straw! I have had some success with cayenne and itching- it relieves it long enough for a night's rest. I take an almost too hot bath (Dr. said heat releases histamines, then it takes your body a while to build them back up- in the meantime, no itching!) with cayenne pepper in a little like cheesecloth sack (a sock would work fine- just to keep it from sitting on top of the water as a powder). I don't know if the relief I experience is specific to my condition or if it may help with all itching. If you're game it's worth a shot! Some people balk at using cayenne in this way, but it is a counterirritant and increases circulation.

    Have fun with your 'shrooms! I've arisen to six or seven in my yard on a dewy morning- watch for fairies now...! Or Smurfs!