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    I had my spleen removed when I was 10 years old because it was enlarged. At that time I was told I had some type of liver cirrhosis. At age 19-20 I developed a fever of unknown origin and was ill for several months, then gradually returned to normal. At age 30, multiple lymph nodes became enlarged but I felt fine. They gradually went away. I was waiting for something to happen at 40 but it passed uneventfully. Then when I was 43 it all came crashing down. It started with a tennis elbow that would not get well. Now I have full blown fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, sleep apnea, hypothyroidism, insomnia - you name it. I saw all of this, to see how many of you do not have a spleen. All these illnesses I had seem to be my body fighting off something and now it's just worn down.


    Thanks for any responses.

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    I do believe that somehow there is a correlation with the spleen.

    Many years ago my cousin developed a condition which made the removal of her spleen necessary. At that time, our family doctor--an excellent diagnostician--explained to the family that she may be eventaully diagnosed with Lupus because of the surgery. He claimed he had seen it before, particularly in females. Sure enough, within eighteen months, she was diagnosed with Lupus.

    However, I am happy to report, thirty years later, after many rough patches and a lifetime of hospitalizations, rounds of medications, and many peaks and valleys, as she approaches menopause she is healthier and more resilient than she's been in years. She has fought to always live a healthy lifestyle but she does partially attribute her feeling as good as she does now to her hormones leveling out.

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    I've never heard of this connection. I've never heard anyone that I've met who has FM say anything about having their spleen removed.
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    my disability came on after I had surgery for removal of gall bladder, and they took my appendix too just for good measure (argh).
    I have been told by cfids/fm knowledgeable doctors that the surgery anesthesia, the oxygen probably made my brain swell if I had a predisposing factor (like dormant virus or something) that made me vulnerable, Dr Cheney thinks that oxygen toxicity is part of cfids. Other fm docs focus on the spinal connection more and surgery can be a trauma for the neck if you have certain predisposing factors, and the neck being injured seems tied in a lot to fms.

    And my theory is that its traumatic to be missing body parts, can't be good. Like they found out finally that the appendix has a function in digestion, so removing a healthy one was not wise in my opinion and I regretted it the minute I woke up in the hospital, I regretted my decision to listen to the docs (it was a reputable center with accomplished surgeon; doesnt matter, still was a brutal thing to do I think)....but at this point its best to think positively and look at the people that do recover from those things and move forward.
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    Thanks for your responses. I really appreciate your input. Hope all of you have a good day.


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