people you can get medical dis. on your electirc and gas bills

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  1. 69mach1

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    due to fibro/cfs/and arthiritis...and if you use a cpap...someothers as well...

    it gives more kilowatts to burn at the lower rate....

    call your local electric or gas company...and ask about it...

    saves some money...and there is a care program as well discount again on bill...

    salvation army will help out will electric bills as well..

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    Not sure if it's like this everywhere or just here in Ohio, but thought I would pass it along just in case. Here in Ohio if you are on certian programs, SSI, Medicaid, Food Stamps etc you also qualify for a discounted home phone. I only pay $8.00 a month, and didnt have to pay a deposit when it was first hooked up. The program goes by the name of the USA Plan here but may have a different name in other states. Worth checking into.