People's perception of CFS and exercise

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    It just happened again. Someone expressing disbelief that exercising can backfire and make things worse. He said he never heard of such a result from exercise. So I asked, if someone is run down with the flu, do you think going out jogging will give them more energy. He agreed that it will probably make things worse. So I said, what about pneumonia, virus infections, colds, etc. They all cause fatigue, so should exercise be the treatment for those? He agreed that exercise could make these worse.

    I wonder. If people already know that exercise can make things worse, why do they claim they have never heard of such a thing happening. I have a feeling that part of this is the term "Chronic Fatigue." It is as if fatigue is the illness, not a symptom of an illness. But still, to claim that they have never heard of exercise making a condition worse is just plain nuts. Because they all knew that they should cut back and rest when they are ill.
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    and at first I thought he didn't understand about CFS, but after my second appointment, I now believe he knows and understands.

    I just had an experience that proved to me, once again, that physical exertion can be very detrimental to me. I have been in a "post exertional weakness" because last weekend was my 20th high school reunion. I didn't do anything but sit and talk with people. (Any kind of stress, even "good stress," puts me in a tailspin.) It hit me yesterday, but it has knocked me down today. I have been extremely weak and in much pain. I had to do a couple of minutes of physical exertion this afternoon - very little, mind you, and I was left feeling like I was going to wilt and collapse right where I was! Profound weakness is the only way I know to describe it.

    God bless everyone!

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    I posted on another thread re: this very issue a few weeks ago. I'll bump the thread up for you
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    I 'fired' my chiro today. 2nd time in 2 weeks he used his cement blaster of a massage machine at full tilt all over my back, shoulders and damaged discs.
    I nicely asked him to please tone down the volume, it was too strong. He insisted he had to go on for just another minute or 2, almost finished, hang in there
    It took 2 days to recover from chills and pain.
    Who needs this kind of 'medical help'

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