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    Hi Pepper: I am in shock. It is hard to believe we are in the same province. But then my ex sister in law lives in Peterborough and hasn't had a gp for 7 years has arthritis and has to go into er as they don't have walk in clinics and they treat her like a druggie.

    I have been so fortunate. It has to be a God thing. I herniated the disc in my back getting out of the car after being at work. I had a friend take me to a hospital turned urgent care clinic in Toronto. They had me diagnosed and given me morphine in and out the door in 10 min. It was incredible. About 1 month later I landed in hospital with something unrelated. That is where I met my rheumatologist. She is the best in the city and when she says jump every one says yes maam how high. Every time she refers me to someone I don't have to wait more than a couple of weeks. Like yesterday she wants to see me urgently to change one of my meds and prep work needs to be done by next Tues. I will have it all done and see who I need to see by then. It will be hectic but it will be done. She is taking me down off the prednisone and putting me back in a flare so I can qualify for it. Oh joy oh bliss. My pain specialist increased my pain meds. So it will be a fun week. Anywats sorry, enough about me. I wish I could go up there and raise some rucus for you. The only thing I can think of right now is do you have family or a good friend in another city that you could stay with for a couple of days and see if they could push some buttons for you. Another thing we did when we lived in small town was go to our MP or MPP about it. It was amazing the results we got. Friends of mine had been fighting for a year about something and it was resolved the next day when they went to the local MPP. It is worth a shot. After all we are paying them. I have your name on my stickie on the monitor and am praying and will do so when I am finished doing a couple of things here. So please know you are loved and prayed for. I wish you were closer and I would come over and help you. Now that would be a cute picture. Kind of like the blind leading the blind lol. I have to admit to you I don't have a clue what is CFS? It sounds more complicated than what I thought. Please feel free to vent anytime. You are never a bother or pain. If you want it is ok or if you don't it is ok. I could meet you in a chat for 2 min. and give you my address if you want. If you don't it is ok. Nancy and I did that the other night and for us it makes it easier as there are things we don't want to say on an open board. I will leave it with you and don't feel pressured or obligated ok? promise? I do know that God is in the middle of this somewhere. Some days not sure where but He is here. That is where the Psalms give such strength and comfort. It is now mid morning. I will check in on you later and know that you are very much loved and sending you a biggie gentle hug. I will have a cup of earl grey tea and some decadent dessert at some time today in your honor ok? Please keep in touch. There is to be answer to this and I am going to keep bugging God on it.
    Love ya
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    A gentle hug, a cup of tea - and a decadent dessert! You are a woman after my own heart!

    Thank God that you are surrounded by such competent and caring medical professionals. You are so lucky. Maybe you are suffering short term pain for long term pain. I hope so, Cath. You are in my prayers.

    I am in excruciating pain today but wanted to acknowledge your post and will answer it tomorrow when I am hopefully able to sit up at the computer longer.

    I would love to meet you in chat and talk in real time. You too, Pam.

    I am off to lie on a heating pad. Please keep sending those prayers heavenward and I will too.
    Love, Judy
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    Pepper: I believe that tears are the highest form of prayer. I find that is all I can do when I think of you or read your posts. I am so frustrated I wish I could come and help you out. I am sending you cyber hugs, casseroles and pain killers and whatever else you need. I am so worried about you. Please know you are not going through this alone. Remember I told you once that the Lord has a lot of "splaining " to do. lol. Did I bring a smile to you? You are thought of often, prayed for and cried for.
    Saw a couple of my docs this week. I feel guilty telling you but one of them upped my pain medication. I am really going to pray into that for you. My rheumatologist says the expensive drug for the ra isn't working so we have to switch to the next strongest one. We have to reapply and she wants this done urgently. She is part of a study and we have to apply on a section 8. She hopes we can get it in a couple of weeks. yeah right. lol. Kineret took 9 months. So she has put me back in a flare to so I can meet the criteria and then I need to have a tb skin test and a copy of my latest chest xray and get back to see her next Tues. Also I have to come off the prednisone immediately. I am such a mess. I can hardly move. My heating pad is my best friend. At least it doesn't snore or hog the Did you smile? Take care and I really hope God intervenes suddenly on your behalf.
    Talk soon.
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    I have quoted you often, Cath, about the Lord having a lot of 'splainin' to do! I think that is so funny.

    I woke up this morning in less pain but by the time I had finished breakfast it was all back. I have decided that I need to buy myself a recliner and am going to find one as soon as I have the energy.

    I can only imagine how awful you must feel going off the prednisone, Cath. That would be a shock to your system. But it does sound like you have a good doctor working with you and I am happy for you. :)

    I have a date with my heating pad and hope to spend most of the day with it tomorrow. Mine doesn't snore or hog the bed and it doesn't expect me to cook supper either. lol

    As I told you on another post, I am taking the "day off" tomorrow. In the old days I would have looked at these days and thought that every day was a day off. I went to physio, picked up my new reading glasses and went to the drug store today and that did me in. Hard to believe.

    But at least I feel a little better. PTL I am praying for the same for the both of you.

    Love, Judy

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    Hi Judy: Couldn't sleep again!! Like that was a news flash!!lol. So I prayed for you all at 5am. Nice to hear of some improvement. I wouldn't be without my recliner. Pamper yourself and get one of those heat ones. Remember it doesn't snore, hog the beg or you don't have to feed it. I just have to kick my cat out of mine. Talk to you soon.