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    Hi Judy: Actually it was like I could see a picture of you all standing behind me in the splanin line tapping your feet and God just shaking His head at us. lol. I don't have your address so I couldn't send it to you personally. Go to Dayspring E cards. com. Click on Friendship - Just for fun. Go to the next page. Click on What friends and enjoy. lol.

    God is so good. I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better. Thank you Lord. See what happens when I get cranky with the Lord and throw hissy fits.I guess He won't have to splan anything on that

    Saw the pain specialist today. Still no word on the Lyrica. He said they can't do anything about the hip. He said if the back acts up he could do a nerve block but he doesn't know if it will work or not. I am still flared. Like that was a news flash lol. He gave me extra morphine. He said he doesn't want me in pain. He said I am not a drug seeker and call him anytime the pain is off the wall. I now know why he is so good. He has a pinched nerve at C5 C6 so he knows all about pain. God has been good to me and given me some good docs. Thanks so much for your concerns and your prayers.

    Well the storm was a bust. We had some freezing rain and a little snow but it certainly wasn't the end of the world that they said it would be. Dave Duvall cracks me up. I don't think he ever gets it right.

    I am waiting for the day when we will skate on the Rideau and try Winterliscious ( sp). We have to have something to look forward to. I know last year when we checked it out on the web we were drooling on the keyboard. If you get a chance check it out. My son says the best kept secret is going to the top of the CN tower. He says it is really cheap for what you get. He says their seafood isn't the greatest though. You can get a great pre-fix meal for under $50 including the trip to the top. He takes clients there all the time. He says his company spends about $15,000 in entertaining clients there each year. We are supposed to go sometime but we haven't made it yet. Last year he gave me tickets to the Famous Players Dinner Theatre. You know with Diane Dupris with the puppets and the developmental challenged people. The food was incredible and the performance was great. The first time I had Irish Cream Cheese Cake. Oh man to die for. Now I made myself hungry. lol. Well I am praying for you this week. Waiting eagerly to hear how Cammie is doing spiritually. Again what a party.
    Take care. Talk soon.
    Love ya
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    Is that Lucy and Ethel in that card? :) I thought maybe you were referrring to the "Up Before Dawn" card because of our shared insomnia. Or perhaps the "Shared love for Chocolate" card. lol Lots of good ones there.

    When things calm down around here, we must meet in chat some time and share email addies, eh?

    I feel so much better that I can't believe it. The infection is not gone. I still have pressure in my head and face and my teeth hurt but it is manageable and if I have to go to the dentist, I can go without panic now. I see my PCP on Wed. and get his opinion. What a relief this is!

    Thank God you have a wonderful caring pain management doctor. It seems that those who have been there really do understand. It must be so comforting to know that he doesn't want you to be in pain. I find that amazing. I don't think those words have ever been uttered in this city unfortunately.

    I am sorry that nothing can be done about your hip. Is he the end of the line decision-maker? Why wouldn't he try the nerve block to see if it works? I know nothing about this but have read of people on the FM board having that done for a variety of problems.

    We got one heck of a snowstorm here today. Being the first real storm of the season (in January - can you believe it?) everybody seems to have forgotten how to drive. There were over 70 accidents. I stayed home in front of the fireplace. Seems I'm making a dent in the couch there over the past few weeks.

    I have to go out tomorrow and it is going to be minus 32 with the windchill!!! We have been so spoiled that this seems torturous. No wonder people who come here from the south find it so hard.

    Irish Cream Cheesecake! I've never had it but would love to. Sounds decadent. The CN Tower restaurant must have changed since I was there many years ago, pre-illness so it would be 15 yrs or more. My DH and I took the boys and their cousin up to the restaurant where we each had a drink (non-alcoholic of course) in a CN Tower glass that we got to keep and a plate of Nachos. It came to $68 plus tip! We have never forgotten those expensive glasses!

    I am awaiting the arrival of 2 SIL's. One arrived in Toronto from Edmonton today and is staying with her sister. They will drive here together on Wed. A third arrives in Ottawa tonight with her DH but is staying with his brother.

    Wed. night will be hard for me. They will all be here, along with some other family members my hubby decided to invite, for dinner and a night of Bridge. I will probably spend most of the time in my "retreat" upstairs. I find the noise and confusion really hard with my sensitivities. So my best defense is escape.

    They visit Cam on Thursday so will not be in any mood to party that night. Cam's wife is leaving to get her car fixed so hopefully my DH will get a chance to have "the talk" with him.

    I have gathered information on symptom and pain management which seems to be very well handled here for palliative patients. I will give it to the 2 SIL's who are nurses and see if they can do anything.

    Yakkity yakkity yak. I must be feeling better.

    Praying for you, Cath.
    Love, Judy

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