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    HHHi Judy: Who has the bigger bed for a slumber party?lol. I only have a double. I don't know if kitty will give up her half of the middle. She stretches out width ways and takes up half the bed and howls when you move her but if you can tough it out till about 4 am she then moves to under my walker but then you will have to bribe her with treats. What do you think? lol. Good to hear that you are at a maybe with your hubby. That is better than defininetly not. Was praying this morning. It will be ok. Don't know when. You are really doing well dispite all that is going on. Have you eaten all the honey roasted peanuts yet?lol. I am happy to hear that you are curling up with your Bible. That is the primary way God speaks to us. You will notice that when you read the Psalms and the rest of your Bible it is really all about the tough times of life and how God got these people through it. It wasn't an easy heaven on earth life they lived. I sometimes think that David who wrote the Psalms was bi-polar. One day he was on top of the mountain God you are so wonderful to the next day where are You and why don't you kill me? He was my kind of guy. Surrending to Jesus is a life long journey. It comes out of our love relationship with Him and that we don't want to intentionally do anything to hurt Him. It is just living everyday depending on Him. Realizing some days just sucks but He is here and His love is constant.@ Corinthians 1:3( that is in the New Testament) talks about us comforting others with the comfort that we have received. That is what we are all doing on this board. Didn't sleep again. So tired today. Anyways just checking in. Keep in touch. Love ya
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    The honey roasted peanuts are gone. I am stuck with the cookies for now. :) The good news is I have a king size bed! My baby girl cat will sleep wherever it is you want to put your feet so that can be a problem. Isn't that funny that Nancy, you and I are all cat people? I wonder who else on this board is a cat person. We could all bring our cats to the slumber party for added fun and entertainment.

    I am a little relieved to hear that "Surrending to Jesus is a life long journey." I have been working on this for the past couple of years and haven't got there yet. I was getting a little worried but will relax about it now and consider it part of my life's journey.

    I am so sorry that you are still not sleeping! Can you try some other meds? Have you tried Rivotril (Klonopin)? It seems to help a lot of people on this board(not me but that's just me). What about Amitriptyline?

    Has there been any improvement in your pain yet? Praying for relief for you soon, dear friend.

    Love, Pepper
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    Do you ladies know that I have actually been to an adult all Christian ladies slumber party before. We really did it and it was a blast! We all wore our jammies and I think we had sort of a tupper wear party thrown in there too. I think one of my friends had just turned 40 or something like that and she had all her friends over for a sleep over.

    So you just never know what really could happen here?????????

    Remember life is stranger than fiction.

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    having a slumber party when I turn 40? :)

    Of course that is MANY years from now.

    Love, Pepper
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    Me too then!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The youngster