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    Hi Judy: Don't know when the last time was I felt this cold. Worse for you eh? Anyways just touching base with you. Praying for you and sitting beside you still. Discovered oatmeal raisin soft cookies (fibre and fruit) at superstore to eat while I am sitting. You are loved and not forgotten. Lord please give Judy peace and comfort today. May she feel Your Prescence today and give her the strength that she needs over the next few days. Thank you in Jesus Name. Amen.
    Love ya
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    Yes it is darn cold here too. Minus 40 the other day. We have been spoiled with the warmer winter days so that these cold days seem even colder than usual!

    Any word on the Lyrica yet? Have you been able to get any relief from your pain, Cath?

    You poor thing. I think of you many times every day and wonder how you are coping.

    I was hit the other day with another candida infection in my mouth. Luckily I recognized it for what it was and contacted my doctors and started treatment early enough so it didn't get as bad as before. My whole day revolves around my various treatments - wait two hours after food before taking this, no flavoured foods 30 min. before or after this and that, take this 20 min. after that, etc. etc. I need a secretary to keep track of it all!

    Cammie is still hanging in although we don't know how. He is receiving "visitors" from the other side so it is almost time. The waiting seems endless. We were called to come Mon. because it was "time". When we got there, he perked up and talked to my DH for hours, planning his funeral.

    It will be such a relief when this is over with.

    I hope that you are doing better by now, Cath.
    Love, Judy
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    Hi Judy: Now I understand why I was praying that God would give you strength over the next few days. You are definetely in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you the biggest gentlest( is that a word?) hug. I wish I could come and physically sit with you. I pray that Cam's passing will be swift and painfree. It has been a long journey for you. You have done well my friend. Thank you for taking the time to write back. Remember I am here if you need anything. I am trying to think of how to get my address to you so you can contact me if need anything. Don't worry about me. I have been better and I have been worse. I see the pain guy on Mon. so I hope he has some news. This is crazy. Glad you caught the candida early. When I was on Cipro and I forget what else it was like that before and after meals. It was a nightmare. I think I was up in the night trying to squeeze one of them in. Oh I know what it was something was supposed to be on an empty stomach 2 hrs. and the other pills were with food.
    I am with you in spirit my friend. May God hold you tight in His arms and continue to give your peace.
    Love ya