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    Hi Judy: Thanks for your post. That is good news about Cammie. We'll keep praying. What a party we will have that day eh?

    Wow. I had no idea what you are dealing with. I am still trying to understand it. It is so overwhelming. How do you do it? I know I have a lot of fatigue but it isn't anything like you live with. I don't know what to say to you. I know for me there are days I get tired of being tired. You must be the same. I was a type A before I got sick. You didn't see me for dust either. I was in India 6 months before I got sick. Like you I now have to plan everything out. It must be so frustrating because I am sure a lot people tell you that you don't look sick. The problem is they don't know how long it took you to get looking the way you do right? It must be so frustrating to not be able to get any relief or do what you want to do. Like I say , I am speechless and I don't know what to say. Everything I am thinking of sounds so trite. I guess we have to keep on praying for a cure from these dd. and plan on skating on the Rideau some day. We have to have hope or we have nothing. Nothing worse than a sinus infection especially when it hits your teeth. The Biaxin doesn't help your irritable bowel I bet. Feel better soon. Have a nice cup of chai or earl grey tea. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep in touch as you are able and thank you for taking the time to answer my question. There was an interesting post somewhere about a week ago about spoons. Have you seen it? I thought it was a bit sappy but the gist is how we have so many spoons ( energy) for the day and trying to get through the day without using all the spoons first. It is quite good for those who don't understand. Take care. Keep in touch when you can. If I can do anything please let me know.
    Love ya
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    I was shocked myself to hear that Cammie wanted to talk about the afterlife. "No atheists in fox holes" keeps coming to mind. But it doesn't matter why, does it?

    The sinus infection is still in my teeth. I have become very anxious that I may have dental problems too but it is probably just the sinus infection. Can I ask you to please pray that this sinus infection goes away? I find it so hard to be sick on top of being sick and don't want to be on the Biaxin more than 10 days. I usually end up needing the ABX for 3 weeks and am so hoping that doesn't happen since it is doing a number on my IBS. The good news is that it seems to be helping me sleep better than usual.

    I was "wired but tired" last night when I wrote that post to you. When I read it just now, I can't believe how wordy I was. It was a great distraction from the sinus infection and the crises of the day.

    I don't know how I get through the day most of the time. I have lowered my expectations to an incredible level and sometimes I can't even make that. It is so frustrating, isn't it? Sick and tired of being sick and tired. I have felt that way since Week 2 of this back in Jan.'93.

    I have heard the Spoon Theory. I think that it is a good explanation to give people who haven't a clue. And so many people don't. There are some people on the CFS/FM board who try to educate the public. I've given up on that and only tell people who ask and truly care (like you). Otherwise, it is a waste of precious energy.

    But I always have hope. Hope that tomorrow will be better than today - and sometimes it is. Hope that the next treatment will work. Hope that my illness is teaching me and those around me. Hope, hope, hope. My best friend (with severe CFS/FM) doesn't share this hope and she doesn't cope nearly as well as I do. I think having a spiritual side helps give us hope and she has none. I have been working on her for years and will continue to do so.

    Not looking sick can be a real problem. Even having good spells is a problem. People can see us out and about and doing an errand and have no idea that it took me all morning to have a bath, get dressed and put makeup on. And that I will be in bed as soon as I get home. Do you get the same thing - "You don't look sick"? I hate that.

    I spent today in front of the fireplace drinking tea and reading Psalms and trying to absorb it. I am trying to relax because anxiety seems to make everything so much worse.

    Has it turned cold in Toronto? It feels like winter is here although it is still 1 degree out. Far from the minus 40 it often is at this time of year.

    Did you have a better day today? How long is this flare expected to last?

    I told my sister yesterday about your "He's got a lot of 'splainin' to do". Or was that Nancy (Bandwoman) who said that? - brain fog, sorry. She loved it. She had just returned from the ER and agrees!

    It is so nice talking to you, Cath. I am heading to bed with the hope that sleep will get rid of this pain and infection.

    I have my prayer list to pray for all on this board. Special prayers for you, my friend.
    Love, Judy

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    Hi Judy: Father I ask in Jesus Name could You please come and teach Judy right now. Could you please heal her of the sinus infection. Please pour Your life and strength into her from the crown of her head to the souls of her feet. Thank you in Jesus Name Amen. Will continue to pray for you.

    It was me about the "splainin". It was from Lucy and Ricky.

    Thank you for sharing how you are feeling. I gave up trying to explain it to people. They don't get it and can't get it so why waste energy. My closest girlfriend has ankolysing spondilitis ( it is a cousin to ra it hits the back) and she was in South Africa and had terrible pain in her hip and couldn't put her shoes on and she told her sister she now knows how I feel. I said no you don't. My physio said to me to tell people that the pain they feel in their knee mulitiply it by every joint in their body and maybe they might know how we feel. I usually don't talk about how I feel. There are a couple of people that know how I really feel. They can tell by the look on my face or the way I talk that I am not doing well. I am not saying that is right but why waste energy. When I was working every day I had to pray and ask the Lord to give me the strength to do what I had to do that day and He did. I was so sick. Then the decision was made for me the day I was getting out of the car after work and I felt pain in my back and I had herniated the disc with nerve damage. I haven't worked since.
    I wasn't out today so I don't know how the weather was. My dad just phoned from Florida and said it is cold and windy. Don't know if I should feel sorry for him or not lol. I wish I had a fireplace nothing like it and the smell of it. It is so comforting. Well I am off to bed to watch without a Trace with my kitty 1( the boss lady), kitty 2 my stuffed cat I got when I had my heart attack and my next best friend my morphine. Believing God that you will be feeling better tommorrow. Let me know how you are doing. I made a mistake on the arthritis board and asked someone how does she feel and she responded with my hands lol. Made you smile eh?
    Love ya

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