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    Hi Pepper, fellow Canuk here,
    I know by your profile that your in the Ottawa Region, I'm in Montreal, Quebec...looking to relocate to Ontario. I was wondering if you know of a place called,(Perth)in Lanark County? It's suppose to be about 1hr south of Ottawa. I am very interested in this area, I have been doing some research on the net about it but there is nothing better than getting a real live opinion. If you do know of it or have been there I would love any info you can provide.

    I have been wanting to get out of Quebec for such a long time now but with being sick and not much support, it's proving to be alot easier said than done. I am looking for a peaceful and quiet community, something in the country but still close to hospital and such. I don't have a car nad don't drive so getting around proves to be a challenge.
    I have to rely on the kindness of volunteers or helpful neighbours, which these days are few and far between.

    I have no family, except for my ex inlaws and they don't really bother with me and the kids. So I have been trying to get along by myself. My heart is not here any longer and I feel it is time to move on and start fresh, rebuild my life and heal my body, mind and soul.

    Thanks for the help, appreciate any help
    you can email me if you'd like at [edited as per rules]

  2. Solaris_Starr

    Solaris_Starr New Member

    Just me bumping incase you missed this post...trying again

  3. Solaris_Starr

    Solaris_Starr New Member

    One more time.....LOL
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    pepper New Member

    I finally found your post! Haven't been here much today.

    Perth is a beautiful little town and I just happen to be going there on Tuesday to visit my CFS doctor. He is actually a little ways outside of Perth but we stop in Perth for lunch.

    Perth is quite small and I wonder how handy you would find it not driving and all. If you wanted to do any real shopping I would imagine that you would have to come to Ottawa.

    I saw at one point that you were thinking of relocating to Cornwall. I would certainly choose Perth over Cornwall any day! Cornwall is bigger and handier but it smells terrible and respiratory problems are rampant. It wouldn't be good for people like us.

    What would you like to know about Perth? When I visit my doctor on Tuesday I can ask his wife questions while I am waiting. His office is in his house and we often chat.

    So, please feel free to ask. All I know is that I love it there. It is quiet, clean and a little old-fashioned in its tone.


  5. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    and is he taking new patients?

    I thought you lived in Ottawa though, how did you get a doc so far out?

  6. pepper

    pepper New Member

    When my 21 yr old was 7 he was very ill (extremely fatigued and depressed among other things) and no one knew what was wrong with him. Our chiropractor recommended Dr. C as being the best dr. in the area. He was in Lanark at the time.

    He diagnosed my son with candida (which was an "out-there" diagnosis at the time), treated him and he quickly returned to being the active kid he always was.

    When I became sick a year later, I went to see him and discovered that as a doctor of "Preventive Medicine" he treated a lot of CFS/FM patients. However, the last time I was there (in Sept.), he told me that he is concentrating his practice more and more on autism because there are no doctors in the area (or within hundreds of miles) who are willing to treat it.

    Believe me, he is worth the one hour drive. He listens and believes, researches and is open to new treatments. He does not like using drugs unless absolutely necessary.

    I do not know if he is taking new patients, especially since he is concentrating on autism, but will ask when I go on Tuesday if you would like.

    However, he is not as "hands on" with his treatment as Jennifer Armstrong and Ross Michelson. He often tells patients to see one or the other for certain things.

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  7. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    I don't think Perth is an hour drive for us, since we are in Ashton and sort of out towards there anyway. So I guess you do live right in Ottawa if it's an hour for you.

    Yes, I'd love to know if he will take new patients. I'd appreciate a doc that used rx's as little as possible, I actually think Jen reaches for them a little too much. She prescribed me Cortef w/out telling me that it was a steroid, for low cortisol tests I had. I didn't take it as soon as I knew what it was, and just lately, years later, gets around to recommending Dr. Wilson's adrenal glands supp. Which got me off to a flying start, though I'm using something cheaper I can buy local now that works at least as good. The best thing about her practice is her allergy clinic, as I've mentioned before.

    So a few more questions re. your doc if you'll indulge me. does he have any wknd or evening hours, and does he still make sure you have appropriate painkiller rx's? That's importatn, and one of the things I really appreciate about my GP, esp. that he's even willing to refill the narcotics for 3 mths through my pharma. I'm half hour out of town, so it helps so much, he doesn't need to (or want to I suspect) see me for every refill. His specialty is obstretics, and he'd much rather deliver babies than deal w/ a chronic, (so far) incurable disease. Guess I can't say I blame him, babies have to be more fun.

  8. pepper

    pepper New Member

    You are right, I am in Nepean so Perth is an hour away. You are already part way there.

    I really doubt that Dr. C would prescribe narcotics. I asked him for them once since they had helped so much when I was taken to the ER by ambulance due to a seized-up back. The only thing that helped me (after 10 Demerol injections) was Leritine.

    I asked him if I could just have enough to take one a week so I could have one good day a week. He refused. Perhaps since you are already taking them.....I don't know.

    I don't think that he would ever prescribe Cortef or anything like it.

    He does his own testing on the supplements he sells so you know that they are high quality.

    Knowing this, if you would still like me to check on the new patient status, I will certainly do that.

    Did you get your adrenal supplements at Rainbow? Do I remember correctly that you were taking a combination adrenal/thyroid from Dr. Wilson's site? Were you able to find something similar?


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  9. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    The Dr. Wilson's was good, but expensive. They were a potent combo of 5 super synergistic glands and potent at over 900 mg per. But they were a pressed tablet and hard to digest, I burped them up and the retasting was pretty friggin narley, worse than salmon oil. I was on them before I took Primal Defense which is healing my gut very well, better than anything has.

    So I did buy from Rainbow, but had to get 2 separate supps to get near the same combo. I also got plain old dessicated liver, very cheap and effective, it's boosting my iron, which was low. the three supps were still cheaper by almost half than ordering Wilson's from Arizona. It's hard to get glandulars around Ottawa, Canada has some tacky legislature around them, plus the mad cow scare.

    I found a great site for getting all many of glandular combos. They also sell a huge assortment of homeopathics, incluing the Heel brands, like the infamous Traumeel that someone ws raving about. There are homeopathic combos that match our conditions better though, like Rheumaheel and Rhododendronheel, which are very specific to rheumatism and arthritic pain and symptoms. Traumeel is actually geered to injuries and sprains w/ inflammation, so that's why it wasn't working for everyone.

    Solaris Star,

    Sorry for hijacking your thread. You asked for any tips I had, so I'm being more specific than I would have so that you might gleen a tip or two that you may find worth checking out, since you asked in the other thread. We have such different diet and lifestyles, I'm mostly at a loss though.

  10. pepper

    pepper New Member

    for the info.

    Our posts have kept this bumped for Sandy to see but she must not be on tonight.

  11. Solaris_Starr

    Solaris_Starr New Member

    Thanks to both of you,

    No I was not on, was not feeling very well....those darn weird heart plaps again! Feeling weak, and yucky! So took it easy and couch potatoed it.

    Pepper, I have been looking for a small country town, still with access to big city services. Just want somewhere quiet, clean, pretty and slw paced. I would need to know thigs like, schools, housing, clinics/doctors/hospitals,shopping, banking....that sort of thing,and or contacts,local news paper and such. Perth was only one of the towns I happen to be checking out. There are a few more. I liked it because it was not far from Ottawa(major city,major services)

    I'm curious though, maybe jeanne can help with this as well, are the hospitals and medical services not good in Ottawa. I would of thougth they were at least ahead of Montreal since it is the Capital? There are zero services here for people with our conditions, I am becoming desperate. Plus, I thnk it would be good for the kids as well to leave this province. Any help you guys would be so appreciated, thanks.


    I don't mind you highjacking, I enjoyed reading your post, I do like to hear about your stratagies, even though we are different in our approches, I find your input interesting and informative. If you have any sugestions pertaining to my original post to Pepper, please, I am all ears...I mean eyes. LOL Thanks

  12. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Just wondering if you have considered Renfrew. I know a lot more about Renfrew than I do about Perth! It is also one hour from Ottawa, maybe 45 min with the new highway.

    IMO Ottawa does have lots of services but I have nothing to compare it to since I was born here and never left. Jeanne would have more objectivity.

    I can ask my doctor's wife about schools and housing in Perth. My observation is that the houses are all pretty old but there may be newer areas that I am not aware of.

    There is a hospital there and some good doctors and alternative practitioners. I can find out more for you on Tuesday.

    There is really not much shopping from what I can see. When we drive through there on Tuesday I will watch for these things for you.

  13. CooBax

    CooBax New Member

    Hi ...sorry to intrude...I to know the Ottawa area and Perth is lovely....i grew up in Kanata but now live in NB Canada....do any of you know about a CFS clinic in Ottawa...i am not sure it even exsists....if it sounds familiar let me know...thanks...cheers...

  14. pepper

    pepper New Member

    It's nice to meet you! I don't know of any CFS clinic in Ottawa.

    There are several doctors here who treat CFS and Dr. Byron Hyde and Dr. Anil Jain live here. They started the Nightingale Foundation for CFS but neither one of them treats it any more.

    There are lots of options for various alternative treatments - too many I think because we are forced to sift through it all and of course so little of it is helpful at all.

    I do agree with you - Perth is a lovely town. I would be happy to live there myself as long as someone would drive me to Ottawa on a regular basis to get what I couldn't get there. Having said that, there may be more available there than I am aware of and will find that out for Sandy on Tuesday.

    Do you have any more info on that CFS clinic that you may have heard about? I am curious.

  15. Solaris_Starr

    Solaris_Starr New Member

    Thanks so much, your a peach. I'm looking to rent, so anything rental would be great. Also High Schools, is there any public transportation?

    I will check out Renfrew, I've never heard of it, must of slipped by me during my internet search. Any info on it would also be great, did you live there Pepper?

    Lesley, I will check on Kanata as well...cover all my bases while I'm at it!

  16. pepper

    pepper New Member

    Kanata is part of the new city of Ottawa. It is in the far west end of the city. Not a small town but a nice suburb.

    I will ask my doctor's wife about high schools and public transportation in Perth. I have never noticed buses there but there may be.

    I have never lived in Renfrew but have always wanted to. I have a very good friend who lives there, born and raised in the area. We used to visit her on weekends and loved the small town atmosphere.

    One of my sisters now lives in a village outside of Renfrew. Her daughter goes to high school in town. There is not much shopping there except for a Walmart and small shops. There are a couple of grocery stores and health food stores.

    My other sister was thinking of moving to Renfrew last year so we investigated the real estate market. It is unbelievably cheap to live there (by Ottawa standards anyhow). Rents are really reasonable.

    She was looking at living in downtown Renfrew and investigated public transportation. There is some sort of bus that comes to your door when you call (if I am remembering correctly) but she thought that it would be cheaper to take a taxi. It is $5 to go anywhere in town.

    And there are volunteers who drive to Ottawa on a regular basis and you can hop on with them for the cost of the gas. There may be some arrangement like that in Perth. I can find out.

    Living downtown my sister would have been close enough for almost everything she needed. She ultimately decided not to move because her support system is here (and she really loves dining out in different restaurants) but I know that she would have loved it there.

    There is a good hospital in Renfrew and at least one terrific doctor.

    I will find out more about Perth for you on Tuesday and let you know. If you have any specific questions, let me know and I will find out what I can.

  17. Solaris_Starr

    Solaris_Starr New Member

    I checked out Renfrews web site. It's so cute, sounds like just what I'm looking for! The price is right as well! Where is it located exactly? I tried looking for directions but could not find any. Would like to know how far from Montreal in miles/time frame. How far from Ottawa?

    Thanks so much Pepper

    I'm getting all of my info together and then I think once a choice has been made, an in person trip will be on the agenda so I can get a feel for the place I choose and start looking for a place.

    thanks again
  18. Jeanne-in-Canada

    Jeanne-in-Canada New Member

    It's about 40 mins away from Ottawa, 30 mins from Kanata and has everything you'll need. It's a beautiful little heritage town, a bit bigger than Renfrew.

    I wouldn't recommend Renfrew, it's tucked away from things. The closest major shopping town is Pembroke, where my family is. I lived in Pembroke since I had the illness w/ all the special food needs and it was really hard to get many things, Renfrew would be worse, I checked into it once, couldn't even get goat milk in the whole town. As Pepper pointed out, Perth would be worse for special needs.

    Carleton place has great restaurants, the Mississippi River, which you can actually swim in and a really good health store taht sells fresh bulk herbs and spices and will order in whatever you need. The owners are a darling couple that even sold me some free range hormone free hamburger from their Dad's farm. Prices are better than Ottawa and much better than Kanata. Kanata is very expensive btw.

    So we do most of our shopping in Carleton Place, only 15 mins from us. We have a thing about selling to the entreprenure that is supporting his/her family, rather than the big corporate crooks. I've boycotted McDonalds, and all but boycotted WalMart, but I digress. Carleton also has a huge Independant Grocer w/ all the specialty shopping, again cheaper than the Ottawa/Kanata counterparts. the bakery has special breads, like ancient grains and gluten frees, but also has a big health store section that sells even more than the little health store I mostly go to, and often cheaper. It has all the organic dairy, goat products, gluten free freezer section, as well as special bath/laundry/hygeine products for the sensitive.

    It has several schools, a hospital, library, fabulous used book shop, pretty much everything.

  19. pepper

    pepper New Member

    I suggest that you go to mls.ca (which is the multiple listing service for purchasing houses in Canada)and click on the map of Ontario. Then click on Eastern Ontario (off white colour) and you will be able to see where Perth and Renfrew are in relation to Ottawa. Also Arnprior and Carleton Place which Jeanne is more familiar with. I don't know much about either.

    Coming from Montreal, you would have to drive through Ottawa so it would be about a 2 hour drive from Montreal to the far east end of Ottawa, 30 min. to the west end of Ottawa on Hwy 417, then an hour to Perth going slightly south or just under an hour to Renfrew going slightly north.


    Edit: I just saw Jeanne's post about Carleton Place. It is so much closer to Ottawa but was not sure about the facilities. I had no idea it was bigger than Renfrew! It is a lovely town too.

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  20. Solaris_Starr

    Solaris_Starr New Member

    Many thanks to you both. You have given me some good info to go on. I will check out Carleton Place, thanks, Jeanne, the services you mentioned are just what I need! Any other places you can refer me to, I'm open.


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