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    Thank you for your kind comments about prayer. But it certainly isn't me. I came to a place about 10 years ago where I found that the Christian life I was living wasn't working and so much of what I did and prayed was so religious and didn't do anything for anybody. So I began a journey and went back to square one. Long story short at that time I had a wonderful Pastor who was on the same journey who was and still is hearing from God in ways I never thought possible. One of the things he taught was that when we pray and don't know how to pray ask the Lord how does He want us to pray into a situation. It is amazing what He shows us. We have been so trained that when we pray God is" out there" when He is actually smack dab in the centre of our circumstances hovering over them. So many times we pray what we think the person needs instead of what does God want to do in the situation. Also God has given me a sensitivity in certain situations that I can feel the pain,hurt, discouragement, doubts, fears. I can feel what you and your husband are going through and I believe and pray that God will supernaturally intervene in each situation prayed for in such a way that people will know that God has done it. Also someone said to me when God answers the prayer who's prayer was it, yours, mine or everybody's. The answer is who cares as long as He is lifted up and peoples lives are changed. I don't know if I am making sense or not or just babbling. You are a precious lady and God has great things planned for you and your hubby. I see you are a fellow Cannuck. I live outside Toronto. God Bless you and thank you for the privelege of being able to pray for your situation.
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    I think what comes through in your prayers is your sensitivity to the pain, hurt, discouragement, doubts and fears. That is what makes them so special.

    The words you use in your prayers for me are the exact words that I would like to use - and can imagine that the others for whom you have composed prayers feel the same.

    "When we pray and don't know how to pray ask the Lord how does He want us to pray into a situation." I really like that and will remember it.

    (((WARM HUGS)))on a chilly October evening from a fellow Canuck!