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    Thank you so much for your prayers last night. I made it through today and the kids are playing very well. There concert is Wedesday and I won't see these kids again until then as I teach at two schools. I am very drained but got through the day doing what I needed to do. My headaches have been getting so bad that I am thinking I may need a cat scan or something. My jaw was out of place again when i got home from school. I wanted to talk more about your husbands profession as it sounds so intersting to me. I can't believe he got to talk with the Canadian Brass. That is really neat. I bet he has rubbed shoulders with many many wonderful musicians. Well I am going to sign off for tonight and hopefully get in bed very early. You are a special friend and I appreciate you so much. It is wonderful to watch God working in your life and your family. I hope good things come for you very soon.

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    I added my 2 cents on De's post to you. I am so sorry about your headache. It sounds like it could be serious. I will pray that it is not.

    My DH had such an interesting career. In the early years he got to meet a lot of musicians, mostly classical and what would be called "easy listening". He also got to meet a lot of Canadian broadcasters who have since become famous.

    In his later years he got to know the politicians right up to the prime ministers.

    He also got to travel the world and get paid for it. We teachers are lucky to get out of the school for a day, much less out of the country for a month. LOL He went to Haiti, South Africa, Cairo, New Delhi, all over the U.S. and Canada and Australia for the Olympics. How lucky is that?

    He was getting too old for the 80 hr weeks and that is why we decided that he needed to give it up. His health was starting to suffer. Nothing is worth your health - as we well know.

    I am thinking of you and continuing to pray whenever I think of it that God gives you the strength to get through this week and that whatever bug was threatening your stomach stays away!

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    Well, I made it through the week and I am still standing. LOL Thank you so much for your prayers. I appreciate them so much. It was an amazing week. The Lord just carried me through even when I felt my own strength weakening. The concert went so well. I couldn't have ask for better I don't think. The kids were very proud of themselves and the parents were very complimentary. I made it through the teacher institutes, conferences and report cards are close to done now. I slept in today and that felt good. I am goint to take it easy even though I haven't put my storm windows in and of course I wait until it is very chilly to do so. I have so much trouble with them I didn't want to mess up my neck before the concert. I sat in a meeting yesterday morning looking at an overhead projector and that just did my neck in. I had so much pain all evening. I knew if I got a good night's sleep it would be ok and it is. I am so thankful.

    How are you doing? Your husband's career does sound so exciting. Does he love music too? Being around all of those great musicians would certainly be a treat for me if I did something like that. I am not able to play my clarinet much anymore. I can play to teach but not for long periods of time. I just get so exhausted and it hurts my neck. I actually have had this strong desire to play the recorder. I used to play when I was in grad school but that has been so long ago I don't even know where I got the recorder or where it is now. I think that would not be nearly as hard on my neck and give me that satisfaction of playing music without the strain. It doesn't take as much air and it wouldn't be as exhausting I don't think. I actually started looking online last night at recorders and I might buy one and see. I am still praying for your husband to find something. It is amazing how the Lord has worked in your situation isn't it. I know He is certainly not done yet and I am sure the financial stress is still very real. I will pray for that to lesson. Take care my friend and thanks so much for your prayer support during my headache phase and for the concert. My headache finally went away. I don't have migraines that I know of so this was weird. Have a good Saturday.

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    I just deleted my post to you! How could I have done that? I thought that I had posted twice and automatically deleted one. Now I realize that I hadn't. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

    I will try to reply again later. I need to lie down for awhile.


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    I am so happy that all went well for you last week, especially after that scare last Sunday when you were so sick. And you are still standing!

    I am glad that the kids played well and that the parents were pleased. And on top of that you got through the parent teacher conferences and got your report cards done. Wow! Not only that, your headache went away. God was with you, my friend. Congratulations!

    I can't imagine you with your neck problems trying to put storm windows on all by yourself. And now that the weather has turned cold, I hope that you are able to get them done without too much trouble.

    My DH loves music of all kinds as do I. If anyone were to look over our CD collection I am sure that they would wonder about people with such eclectic tastes - Mozart to Willie Nelson, Pavlo to Queen. :)

    I used to teach the recorder! I couldn't play it now if my life depended on it, but in the old days we all had to teach it as part of our music program. I taught in the Catholic schools and we had very little money so we all taught our own music, art and phys ed (now THAT was something to see in my class!) as well as everything else.

    So the recorder must be one of the easier instruments to play if we all had to learn it and teach it. With your vast musical background, you might find it easy and fun.

    I play the piano (badly) but haven't done so much because of my back problems. When we get the $$$, one of the first things I am going to do is try to find a piano stool with a supportive back. I wonder if there is such a thing.

    My DH's first wife was a concert pianist so I don't like to play when he is around - and he's been around an awful lot in the past four years, sadly.

    He has a couple of job opportunities that he is considering right now. They are nothing like what we had hoped he would find, but one or the other might work out. We are praying on the decision and would appreciate your prayers too.

    I am totally exhausted today. Deleting my first reply to you is just one of the indications of how tired I am. LOL

    But it is a good exhaustion because I earned it. I rested all day Thursday so I could go to a Christmas Craft Fair with my sister in the evening. I told her that I was good for an hour of walking around but we ended up walking through the place for almost 3 hours. We did rest a couple of times but it was a lot of walking for me.

    We went back on Friday because we both wanted to pick up some additional gifts. The fair was incredible and we both got most of our Christmas shopping done.

    My baby girl (feline) has been sick this past week and I had her to the vet twice. Then yesterday she fell off the bed while she was napping and did something to her left paw. The thud on the floor was really loud so I don't know what happened since she only weighs 8 lb and is light on her feet. She screamed with pain and was holding up her paw. We rushed her to the vet again but she seemed okay when we got there. Now if she can just not throw up for 5 more days, she can get her yearly shots.

    Last night my DH and I went out to celebrate our 21st anniversary of getting back together after being apart for 20 yrs. Time seems to be flying by the older we get.

    So I am exhausted but am okay with it since I earned it!

    I hope that your headache is still gone. And that you have been able to relax this weekend.


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    I am supposed to be in bed in two minutes. Yeah right. I just got off the phone with my dear friend who is almost 94 years old. She used to live across the street and we became the best of friends. She moved to an apartment and then to an assisted living place and I don't get to see her much like I used to. We would go out to eat a lot together. I did get to go out to lunch with a couple of my church friends today. Anyway I don't have too much time tonight. I have had such an awful time with my neck this weekend. It is finally calming down tonight. I don't know what is going on. Friday morning I had to look at an overhead projector during a very long meeting all morning and that did my neck in and it just didn't bounce back like it usually does. My headache started to return today also but it went away too. God was really good to me during all of this week not allowing my neck or head to interfere with all I had to do. I am so thankful for that. I am sorry about your little kitty the poor thing. I hope she can have her shots soon. My cat has a thyroid condition and she went through this phase of throwing up a lot. They put her on thyroid meds and it just about killed her. I was so scared. I don't want her to have to do that ever again. In fact I found an alternative vet that can treat cats with natural products for thyroid. I am being treated naturally for an under active thyroid and it works for me so I am sure it can work for cats also. Now when she starts throwing up at all I get very concerned.

    I am so glad you got to do the craft fair. We have one next weekend that is a really big annual event and I want to go if I have time and am feeling like I have the energy to do it. I never did get my storm windows in. I did get one in. It was so cold I had to put my winter gloves on. I am going to wait because it is supposed to warm up a little. I usually have window washers and with my accident this summer I just didn't have time to deal with it as I was in therapy for whiplash and that seemed to gobble up my summer time. I guess I will just have to deal with dirty windows for a little while longer. I know there are worse things to contend with. LOL I will pray for your husband in his choices of work. I am just amazed that such a short time ago he didn't want to work at all. Isn't that amazing. Well I need to get to bed. I will talk later. Thanks again for your prayers. So if I buy a recorder maybe you can reteach it to me. I used to play years ago and I don't remember much now. Do you know some recorders cost over $2000. I was looking online. I think I will pass on those. Ha. Take care. Glad you got your Christmas shopping done. Wow. I'm impressed!!

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    I am glad you bumped this. I am so tired that my brain is foggy. I knew we had a post going somewhere...

    How are you doing after your busy week last week? Did you get a chance to really relax on the weekend? I sure hope so. Lunch out with your friends sounds great. How is your neck? Have you ever tried physio on your neck?

    I had whiplash years ago (from whipping my head around in the aerobics style of the 80's) and physio really helped. Perhaps you have tried it.

    That is so sweet that you have a 94 yr old friend. Is she still healthy and "with it"? One of my best friends is my 82 yr old aunt, my mom's only sister. We talk on the phone almost every day and go out for lunch often. I was flower girl in her wedding when I was 3!

    My kitty seems okay today, thank goodness. I hope that they don't find anythng wrong with her that requires medication. She is a really hard cat to "pill". Our first cat (who lived to at least 19 yr - maybe longer, we don't know since he was a stray) had to have thyroid meds every day. It took 3 of us to give him his pill - one to hold him, one to open his mouth and one to throw the pill into the back of his throat. I sure don't want to have to do that again.

    I have to make sure she doesn't throw up all week and then she can have her shots. I would appreciate prayers that she stays healthy so this can be done. Otherwise we have to wait again and she will have to have blood tests. Stress for her and $$$$ for us!!!

    What do you mean that the thyroid meds just about killed your kitty? Did they make her really sick or did she just have a hard time taking the medication? That is scary.

    I am so happy to have bought so many gifts at the Craft Fair. I still have some big gifts to buy for my three boys and my DIL but all the smaller gifts for friends and family and stocking stuffers are done. I have never been so well prepared. I hope that you get to go to the Craft Show next weekend. I think that there is nothing like it for cool and original Christmas gifts.

    The recorders the kids had to buy when I was teaching them cost $4. each. :) I cannot imagine what a $2000 recorder would be like!

    I am so thankful with the progress my DH has made in the past couple of months. It is amazing. And happened only through the grace of God. Sept 11 he told me that he was never going to look for a job, didn't need to, etc. Two months later he has a couple of good leads. PTL!

    He is also taking antidepressants which he needs. Two months ago he flatly refused to take them or go to see the therapist who helped him so much. So far no therapy but at least he is on the AD's and they are helping a lot.

    Our relationship has never been better. I am more relaxed and we are more comfortable together and accepting of each other than we have ever been in the 21 yrs we have been together.

    I would say that these are an awful lot of answers to prayers in two short months! I am so glad that I came back on this Board and met you all, prayed for you all and welcomed your prayers. I am not exaggerating when I say that this has changed my life.

    I hope that your week has started off well and that your neck is feeling better.


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