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    I was just going through the board and your name popped in to my mind. How are you doing? How is the job search with your husband? Was watching the Rememberance Day service from Ottawa yesterday. You had the same crappy weather we had. Why is it always lousy weather on Rememberance Day? I am going through adjustments in my meds and I am so emotional and watching that stuff feels like my heart is being ripped out. We have so much to be thankful for and we have no idea what they went through for us. Anyways enough of that or we will both be in tears. Just wanted to say hi and hope you are taking care of yourself.
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    How nice that my name popped into your head!

    I watched the Remembrance Day ceremony on Parliament Hill yesterday too. It was really a very emotional service, wasn't it? I was surprised at and touched by the people clapping for the vets as they paraded by. It must be because of all the soldiers in Afghanistan that makes this more real right now.

    I remember when my Dad used to take part in that service. He marched every year and every year it was cold and rainy. I guess that is appropriate. I was a little teary too thinking of my Dad.

    Wasn't that beautiful when the people there put their poppies all over the tomb of the unknown soldier? I was really touched by it all.

    I am exhausted today but I don't mind since I earned the exhaustion - which is so different from being exhausted for no reason at all!

    On Thursday I went to a Christmas Craft Fair with my sister and we walked around for almost 3 hours. That is a new record for me. We did rest a couple of times but the crafts were so wonderful that we both got most of our Christmas shopping done!

    We went back on Friday and spent another hour and a half there. Oh my aching back! But my shopping is almost done!

    Last night my DH and I went out for dinner to celebrate our "anniversary" - I called him 21 yrs ago to "say hello". We have been together ever since.

    Right now he is pondering two opportunities, neither of which is what we had wanted. We need prayer for guidance in making a decision. I am going to add that to the prayer thread. I was hoping that a good job would fall in his lap. But maybe one has and we just don't recognize it.

    Thank you for thinking of me.

    I hope you are doing well. Have a good day!