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    Hi Pepper: Just checking up on you. How was your weekend. Everything ok with your bil and your hubby's possible new job? Are you holding up ok? Still praying.
    Talk soon.
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    You are so sweet to ask. I spent most of the weekend in front of the fireplace and have marked up Psalms in my Bible. First time I have ever done such a thing! (I was a school librarian for many years and that was a definite no-no ;-)

    I am exhausted probably from the stress of watching my hubby starting to go through this yet again. My BIL is trying to save the family from worrying so he tells them very little. Unfortunately they then fill in the blanks and they may be all wrong.

    My hubby visited him in the hospital today and saw evidence of surgery in the kidney area! But he never said a thing about it and my DH knew that he did not want to talk about it so he didn't ask.

    He did tell my DH that he will probably not be leaving the hospital alive. We don't know if he has been given that news or if he has filled in some blanks on his own.

    The training session went well yesterday and my hubby is still considering the two jobs that have opened up for him. One is commission but may be very profitable and he can still keep doing the freelance work if he wants to. The other is contract work and he has no idea yet what it pays.

    What he really wants is the job that just landed in his email last week. After months of hearing nothing from this company (the one he really wants to work for), he emailed the hiring person asking if there were any other positions for him since the job he applied for was no doubt filled. She emailed him back weeks later telling him that it won't be filled until January. Hooray! He still has a chance!

    So he is still looking at the other jobs and may start the commission one since he has nothing to lose. But his heart is with this job that will be filled in January so I will be bugging you all for prayers until then!

    Isn't that amazing that he has had no offers in 4 years and after I come on this board he has 2 offers and one "maybe" in 3 months? The power of the prayer on this board is something to behold.

    How was your weekend, Cath? How have you been feeling?

    I am off to find people and situations to pray for before going to bed.

    Thank you for all your prayers, Cath. It means so much to me to know that the people on this board are all pulling for us.


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    Everything will be ok in your situation. I just know it. It is so hard dealing with family they don't tell the whole story and then they leave you to fill in the blanks. A preacher one said and I am still thinking about it 20 years later. That sometimes God lets us choose. There is no right or wrong. I know you guys will make the best decision. There is a thing called the prayer of agreement. Jesus said if 2 or 3 agree in prayer He will do it. That is what is happening on this board. We are all agreeing with you.
    I am not feeling well. Can't get the pain controlled. Today I am back at the pain specialist and then off for b/w and the pharmacy. He needs to up the dose. Sucks but what can you do?
    Keep in touch and was praying for you this morning.
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    about your pain, Cath. I will pray right now that you get some relief.