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    Just checking in with you.
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    I put up a new post asking for the prayer warriors to keep praying for my BIL. Everybody seems to have overcome their original shock at the news that we are losing another family member. He isn't handling it very well though. He just wants it all to be over with as soon as possible. And his wife and kids want him to stay around as long as possible!

    Any way you look at it, it is a sad situation. I am just trying to get things straightened away for the impending invasion of in-laws.

    Thanks for praying.
    Love, Judy
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    Hi Judy: Can't imagine what you are going through. Just rest and know we are here and praying for you and sending you lots of cyber food so you don't have to cook. Be at peace and know God is here in the middle and one day He will do His splainin.
    Love ya