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    Hi Pepper,

    I hope you are holding up as well as can be expected. I am praying that you will get those little breaks away from your company when you feel the need to make a quick exit. I have a colleague that is really LOUD as well and in the mornings when I am soooooooooooo tired the noise of it all about makes me crazy so I completely understand.

    I have been praying for you and your family about all of the needs including the job in January. Yes, I hope that January will be a new beginning for all of you and renewed hope in what the Lord is doing and continuing to do in your lives.

    I pray that Cam will have a change of heart about things and I do pray that his suffering ends soon. My heart breaks for his family. It is always so hard to understand why someone would not want to hear from God but that is not our responsiblity to try to figure that one out.

    I appreciate your prayers. You had mentioned if there was anything else you could pray about besides my two jobs. I am really in a lot of pain today. I have a terrible stomach ache that is not responding to anything. I had some similar problems on Fridy and then yesterday was better. I added some garlic to my juicing concoction and I think that was a really bad idea which I don't intent to repeat anytime soon. It helps blood pressure but if it kills me in the process then I guess that is one way of curing high blood pressure. LOL I have a killer week in front of me. I have to get up at least by 3:50 am on both Monday and Wednesday. Yes, I know this is totally ridiculous. I normally get up at 4:20. I have some 7 am rehearsals and performances this week before school. I teach the whole week and then will be down at my mom's for two weeks over my vacation. I am so ready.

    No white sandy beaches unfortunately. Not in the middle of Illinois or at least none that I know of. LOL
    I would probably looked like a beached whale if I were to show myself in a bikini. Ha.

    On that visual I will sign off.

    I will be praying. Hang in there.


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